Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 8-14

Sweet picture of Owen, who pulled up a chair to watch the baking of some "Strawberry Lemonade Muffins."
Story time with Bella--he's on a big Boynton kick right now.
Bright blue houses DO make good backgrounds for some things. ;o)
Owen is what we like to call a "helper bee"--all he wants to do is help, it doesn't matter what you're doing.  I loved seeing him sitting in the garage with his daddy shucking corn.  And I'll note he dressed himself . . . technically we don't wear jammy pants with our t-shirts, however, he did match his greens quite nicely. ;o)
Emmett's personality has developed a lot over the last few months.  Pretty much every person he meets is his new best friend.  Enter the UPS guy.  Josh and I cracked up to see him immediately appear at the truck's door awaiting the bestowing of THE PACKAGE. 
Friday night "date night" with Josh.  Tucked the kids into bed at his parents' house and then played some Old Maid on the back balcony.  Janna--2, Josh--1 . . . not that I'm keeping track or anything.
I decided life was too short to place contingencies on when or where I can plant a hydrangea.  Seeing as I killed all 12 of the cuttings (I'll try again though . . .) and Home Depot had all trees and shrubs 50% off (through July 18th--in case you need something!) I decided it was worth $9 to me.  And should we ever move or buy a house I'll just dig it up and replant. (and should we not, at least I'll have one hydrangea to console myself with . . .) ;o)


sarah j. said...

i like the old maid deck. :)
it's always fun to plant things! and i will say, the first place Nick and I lived after we got married had 2 amazing long stem rose bushes growing in the backyard, planted by the previous tenant. it was fun to know that they cared about the place enough to make it a little more homey & it inspired me to plant some herbs that would come back for the person who moved in after us. :) i loved that tiny little duplex!

Anna said...

These are great! Yay for the pretty hydrangea...and I *LOVE* the oven-watching in black & white. LOL on the Old Maid rivalry. :)

Kathryn said...

I *love* that pic of Bella & Owen! Melt! And you're *so* right about your blue house being the *perfect* backdrop for that sunflower pic!!! There's always a silver lining, right? :)

Natalie said...

Some great pictures here! I love the top one and the sunflower against the blue is perfect. :-)