Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 22-28

A delightfully large zucchini!
Emmett having some personal time with the sprinkler.
Tucking a fresh nine year old into bed (because I forgot to snag a picture of her at all other celebratory points of the day . . .).  We ended up spending the afternoon in Kearney and finally made it to the nature barn at Cottonmill Park.  The kids loved it--mini donkey, mini pony, pot-bellied pig, goats, and ducks all available for close-up encounters.  But alas, I did not bring my camera!

Isabella snagged a picture of me beginning the painting process (love the sunlight she captured!).  Josh rigged a scaffolding for me so I wouldn't crush my precious pumpkin plants.  It worked really well and I didn't tumble off once. Yay me and my one balance nerve! ;o)
Lovely sunflowers--they are such a happy flower.
Yippee for visitors!! My parents were able to come out and spend the day with us and we had a lovely time visiting.  And I must say, it's hard enough to get my boys to all smile properly for the camera, but I couldn't even get my dad to behave either! Boys.  They had quite an adventure upon their return home as they witnessed a Pepsi truck head off the road and jack-knife in the ditch.  The driver wasn't injured but my parents had to stay and wait for the sheriff and all.
Literal cornhuskers. ;o) 
 A few days earlier we scored three {free} banana boxes full of freshly picked sweet corn from a farmer near Arapahoe.  We ate some for lunch the day my parents came, sent them home with a dozen ears, and then I put up nine quart-sized freezer bags once the kids shucked it all.  It was as sweet as candy!  If there still is some left in the fields when we get back from vacation we will look into repeating the process. Tucking away food in the freezer for later makes me feel so accomplished. ;o)


Kathryn said...

I always enjoy your weekly updates in pictures! LOL to the pic with you dad--so cute to see an ornery Gpa enjoying his family! The pic of the sunflower is *amazing*---color, composition, lighting--GORGEOUS!

Anna said...

*GASP* --that sunflower shot is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G...and LOL at your dad. Love all your garden pretties, and way to go with that paint brush! :)

Brooke said...

I'm jealous of your sweet corn in the freezer, I need to do that soon too! :-) And I second and third the sunflower pic comments, WOW.