Monday, July 23, 2012

July 15-21

Josh found a 5-pack of goggles for $4.50, "It was meant to be!" he said. They weren't exactly the best (water seemed to seep in a bit), but for once everyone had goggles. ;o)
A fresh pack of markers keeping Emmett busy for long periods of time.  These pictures?  Trains, planes, automobiles, and houses catching fire.
Emmett became quite the fishy over the week--everything suddenly clicked for him and he was pretty proud to be able to get around without his life jacket.
A bit of thrifting for Bella {fall clothes}.  Anybody else's brain mentally moved onto fall?  Because I think I'm kind of over summer.  I would love some cool weather, dark days, and rain . . . lots of rain!
VBS program at our Lincoln church--can you find Jackson? ;o)  Such a fun week for the kids--a friend said "Nobody quite does VBS like IHCC!" And that is so true, it is the most looked forward to week every year.
Are you sick of me and my hydrangea love yet? 
Pool Party!  We had Isabella's birthday party on Saturday.  It works out so nice that almost every friend of Bella's has a sibling the same age as Marissa  (guess we were all thinking the same thing on child spacing . . .). ;o)  I'm glad they all got to hang out for a few hours together.


Mom said...

Love all the water pictures....I'm still fine with your hydrangea fix....Yes, it took a bit, but I found Jackson. I am getting ready for fall. I already put up the wreath and am taking down the "spring" stuff. Looking forward to some cooler temps, so maybe putting up the fall decor will help!

Anna said...

Ooh I'm loving the texture of the hydrangea shot--and yay for thrifting finds! Enjoyed seeing your kiddos up there at the VBS concert...what a fun time. I *SO* enjoyed catching up with you guys! :)

sarah j. said...

the "where's Jackson" picture made me laugh. and the shot of all of them in their goggles is great! and Isaac would be a touch jealous of that giant marker pack (we only have 8 colors. but markers are a new medium for us, so 8 colors seems to be enough)

Kathryn said...

It's 104 (!!!!) outside and I'm thinking of diving right into that pool. Linda may be surprised when she looks out her window. :) *LOVE* that hydrangea! HAve you ever tried drying them? My mom used to do that and they are quite fragile, but still so pretty! It would look neat in your white pitchers.