Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 1-7

The "front stoop corn" is tasseling.  So much for that old "knee high by the 4th of July adage."  We are quite the farmers. ;o)
Owen continues to surprise us.  He's rather fearless. He bobs under, comes up, shakes his head a few times kind of stunned, and then paddles over to the side to repeat the process.
We were down at my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday on the 3rd.  My mom has been working at making all the grandkids a special pillowcase.  All the big girls are done! I love the colors.
We don't go crazy with fireworks, but the kids always love getting to ignite a few things.  Here they are with the grand finale sparklers (and Grandma even got in on it!!). ;o)
Taking pictures of Isabella for her upcoming 9th birthday--brought Marissa along for levity and comic-relief--job well-done. ;o)
Josh spent most of the day tinkering with our vans.  Yay--he got the air to work again in the black one (just needed ANOTHER can of freon), and changed some other part in the red one (it was small and black, that's all I know).  Then he degreased the engines (or maybe he did that first?).  Whatever the case, he was busy. ;o)


Anna said...

The bloom close-up is STUNNING...and love the pretty pillow cases! Another fun week...and I'm SO glad for your sake the air is working in the van!!

sarah j. said...

that is a great picture of Isabella!