Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy 9th Isabella Faith!!!

Ninth birthdays are kind of bittersweet for me, the mommy.  Nine means "half way." And I can't help but think--if the first half went that fast, the next half, well it can only go as fast.
And then I blinked and it was over. 
 I'm remembering today the ultrasound that promised a sister for Marissa.  I was thrilled.  You two were destined for best friendship.  I'm remembering the thrill of introducing you to her.
It feels ages ago . . . me, scarcely beyond girlhood myself, mommy to two sweet girlies.
Slowly the dress-up clothes have been packed away.
The "Littlest Pet Shop" rarely makes appearances.
Instead you collect nail polishes and lip glosses and a million different bags.
You ask for spending money for your birthday.
The little girl is slowly fading.
And glimpses of young lady are emerging.
I love your craftiness and creativity.  I get that need to make things.
I love your tender heart for wee ones.
I love how you take clothing that is destined for the trash can and reinvent it as doll clothes.
I love how you try to come up with interesting recipes.
I can't understand your hatred of mayonnaise and Velveeta (really--who doesn't like Velveeta??). ;o)
I love that you still play Barbies with Marissa.  It was the last thing to go with my sister and I too.
I love the sparkle in your eyes and every last one of those freckles.
And your quiet sneakiness . . . *ahem* ;o)
You are a precious part of our family and I cannot imagine life without you and your giggle.
Happy birthday Bella-boo!
Seek Jesus in all you do and live in a way that will bring glory for Him.
In the end, that is all that matters. Truly.
Happy #9!!!
We love you to pieces!


Kathryn said...

Happiest of happies to your sweet girl! Your birthday posts make me cry. Every time! She really does have the cutest freckles and as I sat behind her in Sunday School last week (we subbed in her room) I thought....I think she has the sweetest little girl profile I've seen in a long time!! Hope she has a wonderful day!!

Kathryn said...

p.s. I, too, *HATE* Velveeta!!!! ;)

Anna said...

Oh, this is so sweet...what a precious daughter. Happy, happy birthday Isabella! :)