Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bombs Bursting . . .

I was hoping to get some good fireworks pictures this year.  I still don't necessarily know how to do it--everything I read to try did not work for me!  But I did get a few shots--it kind of felt like hunting--you're aiming in the dark and trying to time it just perfect.  The whites/golds definitely showed up the best for me.

We enjoyed a nice 4th--Cooley family picnic at noon, swimming, a little sack of explosives for the kids, and then a drive out to Hickman to watch their show.  Aside from a few sparkler burns (very minor) and a tad too much sun it was pretty safe and uneventful.  We're heading back to Arapahoe tomorrow and having a very lazy Thursday. ;o)


Brooke said...

You may be disappointed but I think those pics are amazing! And the white/gold ones are my favorites. :-) Hope your Thursday was indeed relaxing!

Anna said...

Ooh these are fun! Sounds like a great time with fam...and I'm glad I got to see you unexpectedly at the library! :)