Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Around the house--

We arrived home this past Sunday evening after a 10 day Lincoln stay.  It was hard to be gone so long. As much as I love being back in Lincoln, home is still home. And I truly think when you plant something and tend to it you invest a bit of your heart there.  Josh had arranged for one of his wrestlers to stop by twice and give everything a good soaking with sprinklers, but it had been so hot I didn't know if that would end up being enough.
Thankfully, not only did everything survive, the plants thrived!
And so, while Josh was dutifully unloading the van (and people, there was stuff wedged into every available crevice!) the kids and I were frolicking in the backyard.
"Look at these zucchini!!"
"There are 12 long cucumbers!"
And yellow pear tomatoes (and some tomato horn worms feasting too . . .), huge pickling cucumbers that are most likely useless, some carrots . . .  It was quite exciting and we all carried on rather ridiculously. ;o)
Prior to leaving I admit to fretting over my pumpkins.  It seemed the female blossoms kept rotting off.  I had been researching about hand-pollinating and wondering if I would need to resort to that.
I was ecstatic to come back and see the pumpkins had managed to set on without my interference.
Which I'm thinking is probably the story of my life . . . always thinking it is up to me, to micromanage the details and take things upon myself.  Too often I forget, God's got it.
Yeah, I know, duh. ;o)
This one is a juvenile Jarrahdale. It will look like this when finished.
And this is a juvenile Musquee de Provence (do read that in your head with your best French accent).
It will look like this full grown.  Both pumpkins are about the size of a salad plate already!
I am giddy with anticipation. I seriously check those pumpkins like 10 times a day . . .
And then there was the 2nd try at hydrangea propagating.  I think I've got it figured out this time--note the tenting. And also I buried two sets of leaf nodes per plants (last time I didn't bury any, and well, that would be where the roots were supposed to grow--no wonder mine were rootless!). ;o)
For Kathy, yes, I did raid my mother-in-law's hydrangeas and bring back a whole bunch of dried ones!  They did manage to survive the three hour drive.  And isn't that basket cool?  I got it at the Pamida in Holdrege for like $6 or something. They were 40% off.  The liner even came with it.  I need to go back and see if they have any more.  I think Pamida and Shopko are the same, so I wonder if Shopko would have similar baskets?
And for Kelly, Bella's pillow matches perfect, see? ;o)

And that's kind of what's happening on the home front.  Today begins the painting adventure.  It was supposed to begin yesterday, however, our landlord didn't drop off the paint until yesterday evening.  We hope to get this done asfastashumanlypossible.  We shall see . . . ;o)


Anna said...

Oh, this makes me long for a garden that I do not have...I'm letting our little zinnia plants bite the very dry dust, so sad...but the pumpkins are beautiful, and so year, maybe. :) Enjoy the fruits of your labor! And hope that painting goes very quickly for you guys.

Kathryn said...

I can just picture you peeking with delight at your pumpkin numerous times throughout the day!! :)