Friday, July 13, 2012

And MORE Happy Little Things

Remember back in May when somebody stopped over and excavated the gravel driveway to make way for a cement one?
Well, the excavation left a lot of dirt.
The driveway was completed in early June, but the dirt lingered.
And lingered.
When my friend Kelly stopped by the end of June she teased me about turning it into a landscaped berm. ;o)
But lo and behold, a few days ago a guy in a bobcat showed up and VOILA!!
It's all nice and flat.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some grass might get planted . . .
Perhaps come fall?
And among other exciting news, our landlord emailed us the other day, wondering how much we would charge him to finish up the painting job begun last summer. Long story short--remember when I came out to paint last August?  That very same day the ORIGINAL landlord and his wife were painting the house {very blue}.  They never finished--there is a large rectangle of tan on the west side (faces wheat field) and on the north side (faces tree line).  So, it's not really visible, but still.  Part of the reason it never got finished is because the original landlord and his wife divorced and last I heard he lived in Oklahoma.  He sold out his interest to the current landlord.  We've lived here nearly a year with a partially blue house and peeling brown trim.
So, anyway, for half-off of our August rent we're going to finish out the blue, paint all the soffits white (rescuing them from the blue that crept up there), and paint all the trim white.  The original plan had been dark blue trim, but we suggested to the new landlord, "Perhaps white would look better?"  He agreed. ;o) 
Now ultimately, if I had my pick, my house color scheme would look something like this:
Hopefully, some day in the future?  (and a beach "cottage" wouldn't be bad either . . .)
For now, I'm delighted in the little changes going in our rental--definitely a step up!! ;o)

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Anna said...

Ooh I'm liking your rent-savvy painting plan...AND your color savvy with the white trim. You'll have to post a pic of the fruits of your labor! :)