Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 27-June 2

Something I like to call "rapture clouds."  Right?
My oldest and youngest playing together--so sweet!
An extra large dandelion seed from our nature walk at Cottonmill Park. I had Josh throw them in the air so I could try to photograph them.  This was the best I managed.

We found a baby robin who had been booted from his nest.  The kids (Emmett in particular) were so excited and brought him over to the house and then went and got an empty nest they had found.  The little birdie stopped his upset chirping as soon as they stuck him inside.  We noticed the parents at that point and brought the bird back over to them.  They promptly fed him.
Beautiful wheat.  Josh and I often stand at the back window and watch it ripple in the wind.  It's kind of like our own inland prairie ocean.  I will be so sad when all that remains is a field of stubble.
The same baby robin, still hanging around our house, the parents still chirping all bothered when we get close.  Emmett has had a very hard time following instructions to "LEAVE THE BIRD ALONE!!!"  We're hoping baby bird figures out how to fly soon--otherwise I'm not sure how safe he he'll be around these parts much longer (!  Emmett has been giving flying lessons, arms extended, "Flap like this birdie!"
Effective this afternoon--our home becomes a bachelor pad.  The girls and I are heading to Girls of Grace Camp with our Lincoln church.  The camp site is only located 45 minutes from our house, so we get to miss out on the long van trek out here. ;o)  I have to say, us ladies are pretty excited--we're all looking forward to the fellowship of good friends!


Anna said...

Yay for GoG camp!! Praying for that...the wheat is GORGEOUS. I might be envying the rippling wheat field view...and those bird shots are precious. Have fun at camp!! :)

Kathryn said...

Hope you have a great time at camp and return to a still intact bachelor pad---I'm sure it will be ready for some feminine touches. Love the baby robin and dandelion pictures and I have referred to those clouds as "rapture clouds" for several years--thought I was so original, but I guess we were thinking the same thing. :)

Brooke said...

Love that pic of you and your girls! And what a fabulous brand new sidewalk/drive you have, I'm sure it will be broken in quickly. :-)

Natalie said...

Great pics! I'm so impressed that you are keeping up with the photo a day.