Monday, June 11, 2012

June 3-9

The second night of camp we were graced by a lovely bright moon--we didn't even need the flashlights to navigate middle of the night bathroom visits.
Every grade has a "talent" they do for the talent show--this year our girls were moustached magicians.  It is possible the leaders enjoyed the moustaches even more than the girls . . . ;o)
Isabella loved her first camp experience!  The very last night she came and visited me a bit teary and homesick (after kind of blowing me off the rest of camp *ahem*) but otherwise she enjoyed all the activities and hanging out with all her old friends.
A day where I kind of forgot to take pictures (camp decompression and all) ;o) so I snapped an "around the house" pic of a quilt my grandma had made long ago.
A very "real life" picture--Josh and I decided on this afternoon to get-out-of-town for the weekend.  The house was a mess and we made a quick run to the library for some books to read for the trip.  I kept begging the kids to stop reading (true story, ask Josh) so that they would have something new to do while we traveled.  Marissa actually went and hid behind the couch with one of the books so I wouldn't see her. 
Admiring Lake McConaughy with my chilled littlest guys.  They loved splashing around but it was really windy--their little bodies literally shook with cold!  And as a side note, while traveling we got asked if Emmett and Owen were twins.  When I look at this picture I can see why.  The funny thing is they are our biggest age gap!
Mt. Rushmore--a first for everyone in the family (except me). 


sarah j. said...

looks like a fun trip! and i have to say, thanks for the picture of the messy house. :) it's nice to know that mine isn't the only place that looks like that.

Anna said...

*WOW* your grandma's quilt--beautiful! Love your blonde twins...and camp looks like FUN. :)