Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 17-23

Celebrating our 12th anniversary--photo courtesy of one of the resident midget photographers. ;o)
Mmmmm, popsicles on a hot day!
We stopped by Yanney Park in Kearney before violin lessons.  We picnicked, played at the splash park and discovered a mommy swan and her little cygnets.  The kids were so excited to see all the babies.
Movie night--I always love to count five little heads all huddled close.

Jackson had been talking about a water fight . . . I'm not sure if we were on the same wave-length.  I'm thinking fighting WITH water, he kind of appears to be waging war AGAINST the water.  Whatever the case, it made for a cool picture--I love how the light reflected off the helmet!
I looked out the window and discovered the youngest and oldest boy in the midst of an all-out mud war.  I think Owen lost.  (And I realize you might think "What a fun mom to let her kids get so dirty!" The truth is while it makes a good photo opportunity, deep down I DO NOT enjoy the clean up.  Particularly when it happens several times in a day for consecutive days in a row. *ahem*  However, as much as I don't like that part, I never want to take life so seriously that we can't get dirty.) ;o)
During the last few weeks Marissa has taken a huge interest in drawing.  She's been watching some videos, reading some books on the subject, and drawing (a lot!).  We were all impressed with her latest face attempt and she was really encouraged (a bit of perfectionist lurks inside her personality as well which ultimately leads to discouragement). 


Kathryn said...

You're doing so well keeping up on this photo project! Go, you!

Anna said...

What a beautiful anniversary pic (and beautiful edit). I am in love with the war against water shot...I think Jackson is winning. The drawing is beautiful! And way to go letting them fling mud...I'm hoping to do a purposeful muddie photoshoot sometime soon...would be all fun and games if it weren't for that laundry. :)

sarah j. said...

love the "water fight" picture! and yes, letting boys play in mud is fun for them and work for the momma's. sigh... but hopefully, they will remember how cool their mom was to let them get so messy. ;)

Brooke said...

Jackson looks like a superhero in that water fight! And I can commiserate with cleaning up kiddos... :-)