Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 10-16

Another view of Chimney Rock
A "true" summer meal--grilled country-style ribs, watermelon, and some aweseomely yummy sweet corn.
The rain hasn't exactly been forthcoming (what little grass we have is near dead) but we did get a lovely rainbow.
Cherries in an aqua bowl--too pretty to eat!
(but we did anyway) ;o)
Josh opened our bedroom door and could tell there was somebody behind it, peeking around he discovered this young man finishing off a sucker (stolen from Josh's drawer, mind you).   This also explains the sucker stick and wrapper I found underneath the boys' bunkbed . . .  And perhaps why he has an issue with cavities? ;o)
Hydrangeas in bloom in my mother-in-law's garden--I just love them.
We hung out at my parents and at the pond on Saturday.  I got a kick out of these two cousins and their chocolatey mouths playing together, copying each other and generally having a grand old time.  ;o)


Anna said...

Beautiful shots, Janna--I'm loving your knack for composition. The hydrangea is breathtaking...and the hay bales by Chimney Rock are great. (And I always love seeing Owen in some familiar clothes...) :)

Kathryn said...

The cherries in the aqua bowl......SWOON!!!

sarah j. said...

love the cherries in the bowl. such a pretty picture!

Natalie said...

I was just thinking on a walk yesterday how pretty a picture of cherries would be! Love them in the aqua bowl. The hydrangea picture is lovely.