Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How does the garden grow?

I had hoped to do a garden this spring but got a later start than I intended because we were waiting to see what would happen with Josh's job interviews.  I almost gave up the idea completely because I didn't know how I could manage to dig up a garden space in the dry, rock hard, and weedy yard that we have.  A visit with my friend Brooke and her lovely garden gave me lots of inspiration on how to work with the small spaces that I had.  While I would love to have some huge rectangular plot I decided to use the spots right behind our house.  There was a bit of grass to contend with, but it was nothing overwhelming.  This is the view from the corner of the house looking north:
Closest to me are three cherry tomato plants and two basil plants (there was a whole row of cantaloupe that we had planted later but upon returning from Lincoln yesterday we discovered something had eaten every last one).  On the other side of the patio I have five more tomato plants (although the Better Boy is not looking too good--not sure what happened to it), two rows of leaf lettuce, some carrots, a cucumber plant and two zucchini.
And this is the view looking south:
These are my pumpkin plants (mixed in with a few volunteer sunflowers from the bird feeder).
They are really starting to go to town!  I'm not sure there is anything quite as thrilling as watching pumpkin plants grow!
On the other side of the stoop is my little cucumber patch:
In the front I have these two little quarter circle beds on either side of the sidewalk.  I took some Russian Sage from my mom's border and planted one at the back of each bed and then scattered lots of pink Zinnia and orange Cosmos seeds.  In the front is a line of blue Ageratum.  The Zinnias are just beginning to get buds.  Cosmos are crazy. ;o)
And then there is our front stoop.  The kids so kindly planted some corn seed they had found in the field.  They are so excited about their growth and I don't have the heart to pull them out . . .
In front of the corn is a red mum I just brought back from Lincoln.  I have one on the other side of the stoop too.  Hopefully they will fill out a bit by fall. Plants at all the Kaw Valley stands are 50% off right now, so if you need something, go now!  I also transplanted some of the Zinnia and Cosmos up there and another Russian Sage.  In the end I might have about $10 invested in the front yard (I brought back a huge sack of wood chips from my in-laws since they have a big pile after having some dead trees chipped).  Hopefully we'll have a little bit of color to enjoy.

All the gardening has been so much fun for me.  Perhaps it's the "farmer's daughter" coming out, but I love watching everything grow.  I'm out there checking on everything *several* times throughout the day and it always gives me something to look forward to after we've been away--I can't wait to see how everything is doing.  It's been several years since I've had available dirt to do anything with and I forgot how much I love plants.  It feels good to put down some roots. ;o)


Mom said...

Looks great! What fun for the kids, too!

sarah j. said...

i love growing things too. and your plants look great. especially those pumpkins. :)

Kathryn said...

I'm admiring your plants, but keep coming back to pic number one and noticing the pallet leaning against the house!!! :) Wonder what you're gonna do with that?!?

Flower Pot said...

Yeah, I'm with Kathryn on wondering what's going to happen to that old pallet?!