Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watercolor Wednesday

Summertime always seems a perfect time to do more art projects for us and yesterday I pulled out a nice thick pad of watercolor paper and a new paint set (don't you love the pristine look of new paints?). ;o)
The plan was to create rainbow snails, inspired by this blog--which happens to be my latest "blog crush"--oh the colors, ruffles, and craftiness I find there!
Owen really took to painting.  After finishing his snail he went on to do two very textured pieces (yay for extra thick paper that could withstand the "scrubbing").
And here's our end result.  The girls drew their own, but the boys insisted I make theirs.  We traced over the lines with Sharpie to make it "pop" more.  It was a cute, and for the most part colorful little project to have fun with (we had a few monochromatic snails as you can see).  And apparently it inspired Jackson, because he has yet to quit painting (he keeps making me draw him different bird species which he then paints the appropriate colors).


Anna said...

Ooh these are so pretty!! And great blog link...will be spending some time there. :)

sarah j. said...

where do you get that big set of paints? i've never seen one so big. glad you had fun! looking forward to stealing some of your craft ideas. ;)

Kathryn said...

Such a cute project--one that let everyone (including mom) join in on the fun and let their creativity shine.

Brooke said...

I love seeing all of the differences, so cute!