Saturday, May 5, 2012

April 29-May 5

That little boy gets a lot of love from his big sissies--he kind of has three mommies.
A Daddy read-aloud (which always ends up much more funny than a Mommy read-aloud).  The kids informed Josh he had the owl voices wrong because that wasn't how Mommy read it--I'm sure that added a lot to the hilarious factor. ;o)
A day devoted to packing, violin lessons, and travel back to Lincoln.  I remembered to snap a picture right before bed (phew!).  Owen kind of looks like Mr. Cool with a fan following.
The kids spent the night at the farm with Papa Roy and Granny.  Isabella went to the pond and picked a beautiful bouquet of Dame's Rocket--a wildflower that blooms for a few weeks every spring (it's a bit early this year, just like everything else).  I love the waves of purple I see growing wild in ditches and on the edges of wooded areas.
Toads.  Ever delightful.
Grandma's peonies are in bloom--I love those big ruffly blooms!
Isabella out tending plants with Grandma.  It was a hot one today!!  I think it felt more like July than May.


Mom said...

Wonderful photos! I'm sure Linda appreciates the help!

Anna said...

*gasp* --the toad picture is amazing!! I am in love with that one...and the fun family memories are too sweet. :)

Kathryn said...

I love the pic of Josh reading to the kids---it's one of those pictures that's going to get more and more precious as the years go by. And I was going to say pretty much *exactly* what Anna said about the toad picture! LOVE it!

Natalie said...

Yes, the toad pic is great! Are you loving your 1.8 lens? :-)