Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello lovely time down at my parents' home catching up with my siblings while cousins ran loose and crazy!
Hello celebrating Christ's resurrection in our home church!

Hello colorful new clothes!

Hello morning to myself to run a few Lincoln errands, namely--
Hobby Lobby--for some zippers
Goodwill--found another white pitcher!
Staples--yay for Martha Stewart office products!
And Calico House for some fun fabrics--

Hello packing up!

Hello rhubarb--I was so sad to have forgotten to raid my mom's patch while we were down there for Easter, but thankfully my mom-in-law got me hooked up--

Hello dentist-appointment-that-I-thought-was-a-cavity-filling-but-turned-into-a consultation-for-the-real-appointment-which-will-take-place-in-a-hospital-in-a-month-under-full-anesthesia-and-intubation!! What??!?  (Long story short, cavities and two year olds, not a good idea).

Hello drive home where 4/5 of the children slept for 2/3 of the trip! (Bliss)

Hello migraine hitting the last 15 minutes of travel . . . (but thankfully NOT a bad one)

Hello Daddy and kids at "The Lorax" this evening.

Hello me being productive and getting everything unpacked and ready for the week blogging and taking a nice hot bath. ;o)


Mom said...

I'm sure there will still be more rhubarb for you when next you come!!! Love the pictures.

Kathryn said...

Hello blog post that I loved! Fun seeing all you're up to. I'm quite impressed with how well Addi is perching herself up on that rock. :) Can't wait to see your creations with that delightful fabric!

Anna said...

Oh, MAN! a HOSPITAL dental visit? That does NOT sound fun, poor little guy...hope it goes well. Your kids all looked so pretty and festive for Easter...and the blog & hot bath sounds like a productive time to me. R & R is important! :)

Kari M. said...

It was good to see you for a quick minute Friday night!...and I agree with Anna that your use of your time was a wise one! I should take that option more often instead of the other!!