Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 8-14

A family Easter picture . . . 6 out of 7 looking at the camera, not too shabby! Jackson was in a less-than-stellar mood, I thought he was standing there all amiably but EVERY SINGLE PICTURE he was looking down.  This is real life people. ;o)
Redbuds, probably my very favorite spring flowering tree!
Owen has entered the "Little People phase" and consequently I overhear him acting out little scenarios with the figurines.  This night I nudged Josh saying "Look how cute he is!" Owen heard me and got all bashful, peering at me through the attic window.
 My first baking of Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake!  It's a recipe I've used since high school and it is soooo good!  It's not all dry and crummy like you may think a coffee cake is, but it is really just plain awesome.  Perfect for a Mother's Day brunch perhaps?
Rainy day messiness busy-ness.
Owen also likes the potato heads.  Overall he is just growing up, isn't he? *sniffle*
Josh replacing the shocks on the van (with help).  I must say I appreciate his handiness!  When we got married I think he could change oil and a tire, and shortly after my dad taught him how to do brakes.  Since then he has done all sorts of things--things I would describe if I had any idea what I was talking about. ;o)  Overall he's saved us a bunch of money in car maintenance and repairs. Money I can spend on more important things like books and fabric . . . ;o)


Natalie said...

Kevin loves anything with strawberries and rhubarb, so I am going to try that recipe soon!

Anna said...

These are gorgeous photos, Janna! Love the close-up of the cake, and your beautiful colorful family shot made me smile...and yes, I agree--books and fabric are WAY more fun to spend money on. :)