Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 22-28

Seeing as it is April in Nebraska, Jackson has switched to full "tornado mode" again.  Last year's viewing of "Tornado Alley" at the Imax really left a lingering impression . . . He has checked out every available tornado book at the library, he's drawing some action-packed scenes, and during a recent tornado warning moved all his clothes, Lego guys, and his Bible to the basement.  This picture cracks me up because of the guy in the left-hand corner.  Check out the lens on his camera! ;o)
The kids have been busy capturing butterflies galore (and then bringing them inside where they frantically try to break out through the window). These Eastern Swallowtails are some of my favorites--mainly because they are my wedding colors, yellow and blue.
Josh surprised Isabella with a new bike (yes, it's more a "boy's bike" but we've learned our lesson buying pink/purple . . .).  I kid you not when I say in two days' time both tires were flat.  Have I mentioned we have puncture vine here?? 
A picnic lunch on the back patio--we are our own small gathering. ;o)
The UPS guy was wildly amused on Thursday when he dropped off a package to find my children in the midst of digging a "rabbit trap."  Apparently they are really good at working a post-hole digger!  They missed their calling as farm kids.  I requested they fill the hole back in before somebody breaks a leg--spoil-sport that I am.
Meet Winston, our hedgehog.  He's kind of a cross between a white rat and a sea urchin--you can decide for yourself if that is a cute combination . . . Whatever the case the kids adore him and talk of him constantly and are rather bummed he's a nocturnal animal. For me that equals about a half hour of play time in the evening which is about all I want a creature like that running loose in my house, if you know what I'm saying . . . ;o)
Saturday morning sunshine through the lifting fog--I didn't capture it that well, but a fitting way to end the week.


Kathryn said...

That's quite a cute....and big.....rabbit that fell into the rabbit trap! :) And I can see why the kiddos are smitten with the hedgehog. Jan Brett has forever made me love those cute little critters and Winston is so cute...he looks like a little stuffed animal in this picture.

Enjoy this week of rest and carbo loading and see you soon!! :)

Anna said...

*gasp* That last picture is glorious! Love it...and I am laughing at the diggers and Jackson's tornado obsession (LOVE the drawing!!!) :)

Brooke said...

Great job on the bicycle! Joe and I have been hunting for one for Luca that can be passed down to Court. No easy task! Everything is themed now, Spiderman or Strawberry Shortcake. :-) Isabella's looks perfect!