Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 15-21

You've already seen this picture, but it was definitely a highlight of the week!
Emmett's "castle-boat"
Another library excursion where Emmett's title choices made me laugh--whatever am I going to be in for with that boy??!
Owen's been "riding" all over the place--he helmets himself (of course) and circles the drive way over and over and over.
Thursday we celebrated Josh's birthday with a whole bunch of knock-off Chipotle recipes.  It didn't taste *exactly* like them but it was the best we could do out here.  Overall, it was really tasty and I will overlook the fact that I had to start this dinner in the morning in order to get all the different parts made (as well as do three loads of dishes when it was all said and done!!).  Still, it was worth it. ;o)
This guy will spend hours in the yard chasing our wide variety of butterfly species.  Occasionally he catches one (poor butterfly).
The girls took part in their very first violin recital on Saturday.  Here they are with their teacher Rachel (and they also insisted her daughter be in the picture too). ;o)  I was hoping to be able to post some video but I think the files are too large and I'm not sure how to make them smaller (too big for  


Anna said...

LOVE the butterfly picture--SO GREAT! And the food looks amazing. I had to laugh at the book choices. :) It's good you have some lovely female violinists in the family to balance things out. :)

sarah j. said...

good job on the chipotle knock offs. I'm not very motivated to make all the parts at home when we are 10 minutes from the real thing. ;) and I love the books! made me laugh!