Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 1-7

Jackson finally figured out the no-training-wheel thing!  Sadly, while this picture looks successful, shortly after snapping he crashed into the van (as you can see he's kind of heading for it . . .). 
 Next up--learning to steer! ;o)
A normal day in the life of Owen, choosing for himself an interesting outfit (not pictured, Jackson's shoes on his feet) and contemplating a game of Chess.
Sweet Bella.
Awana awards night--can you believe we're already done?  Back in Lincoln we would still have another month!
Cute little bird nest snacks--if I'm being honest I don't find them that tasty (aside from the mini Cadbury eggs on top, THOSE are good!).  But they sure do look fun!
An egg dying party at my sister's house!  We had a fun time--the kids played all morning, my sissy and I got caught up on life and she made the most awesome French Toast Casserole for lunch that I'm going to have to make just as soon as I gather the ingredients. It was a fabulous morning (that stretched into early afternoon . . .). ;o)
Isabella and her sweet Addi cousin--I loved seeing her joy in interacting with a baby again.


Mom said...

Love, love all the pictures...esp. Bella and Addi. So good to have seen you all yesterday....lots of fun....and the usual craziness. :-)

Anna said...

Way to go, Jackson!! *LOVE* the close-up of Bella, and the one with her gorgeous baby cousin. And those birdy nests are beautiful. Glad to have caught a few glimpses of you guys over the weekend--hope you all can catch some R&R this week!. :)