Friday, March 9, 2012


This week--
~"Why?" to nearly everything we ask him or inform him of.  When we've given a sufficient answer he says "Ohhhh . . ." and then repeats what we've said.  If our explanation was insufficient he asks "why" again. For example:
                                 "Mommy, you going running?" he asks.
                                 "No, not right now."
                                 "I don't want to right now."
                                  "I want to stay home with Owen."
                                  "Ohhhh, you want to stay home with Owen!"

~Sitting in every open box shaped container and driving it like a car.  The other day he wedged himself into a lunch box sized cooler, gripped the imaginary steering wheel, and launched into the chorus of "I have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my Heart."

~Pulled down his Buzz Lightyear undies *just enough* to display his "wares" and chased down his siblings (who fought to keep straight faces when I lectured them "not to laugh it only encourages him" but have you ever been chased by a flasher of the two year-old variety?).

~On a similar note, he was sitting on the couch by himself when suddenly he started laughing and informed me, "I tooted!!" (which baffles me because NEVER has anybody made a big deal, or encouraged him to think bodily functions humorous).

~While I sat in the corner of the couch reading my book, he climbed over with a book of his own, "Mommy you read this to me?" he asked.  I replied, "Just a second." At which point he reached over, shut my book and said in a sing-song voice, "The end!" and then shoved his book in my face.  I got the point.

~After tucking him in for a nap and shutting the door I hear a small voice ask,"Mommy, you come snuggle with me?"  Melt.  So, I go snuggle with him and after five minutes or so a little arm tucks around my neck and he says, "Mommy, I love you."  Wouldn't have missed that moment for anything.

~LOVES himself a good reaction . . . not unlike a certain father of his I know. ;o) 

~Reminds me a lot of Marissa's toddler personality, what we like to remember as a "sunbeam."

~Was found "Fred Flinstone-ing" it down the street in front of our house on a Barbie tricycle (before anybody gets concerned there is only one other house on our "street" and basically no traffic--it's a dead end--he was out playing with the kids and decided he could ride a bike just like them).  Josh and I watched him from the window cracking up at the sight, by the time I had my camera he had made it to the drive way--
That little guy . . . he is continuing to keep us in giggles and snuggles . . . I don't know what I'll do for comic relief when he outgrows his current adorable-ness. ;o)

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Anna said...

LOL at all his hilarious boyishness! I LOVE this posting...what fun memories to treasure. And what a gift that the Lord gave us children for so many laughs. :)