Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 4-10

The ride home from Colorado . . . it's always that last hour or so of travel that seems to test the limits--that's when all the crazy breaks loose. ;o)
I was kind of surprised to discover a little bloom in our yard (of the weedy variety I'm sure) but impressive for early March none-the-less.
I found my boys had set themselves up with a game of Sorry--more Lego onlookers.
A date with my biggest man and littlest man to the McDonald's in Holdrege.  Usually on Awana nights Josh takes the kids, and Owen and I stay home, however at this point I had been one full day without internet and felt rather cut-off from the world (it crashed Tuesday afternoon, and we didn't end up getting it back until Thursday afternoon).  So, after dropping the kids off at Awana we made use of the free wi-fi.  And got a shamrock shake (not as good as I remember them being . . .) and some fries for Owen to keep him happy. ;o)
My littlest guys are snuggled up watching a little show
I was doing a quick little declutter of the girls' room and in the process found all of these pillows that Isabella had sewn for the Barbies.  Apparently the Barbies have a pillow store that I did not know about.  It's kind of funny, when my sister and I used to play Barbies we were all about getting them married and having babies (surely we weren't the only ones to make tube dresses out of old socks and stuff cotton balls inside for an instant belly??). And since between the two of us there are nine children, I'm thinking the pretend play was oddly prophetic.  However, my girls set up all sorts of weird scenarios--like "mining Barbie" where they tied a ribbon around Barbie's waist and lowered her down the air vents, or "circus Barbie" which seemed to overtake the whole bedroom. If we truly are what we play I'm wondering if Isabella might end up some sort of interior decorator and Marissa a mining "carny."
First "Sizzling Saturday" of the year (to replace "Soup-er Saturday").
Best sandwich EVER--
grilled chicken breast marinated overnight in Lawry's teriyaki sauce
Swiss cheese
lettuce, tomato, and sliced pineapple rings (grilled or not)
all layered on a nice big bun


Anna said...

Look at all those pretty pillows! LOL at your girls' creativity...thanks for the recipe idea (YUM). And I LOVE the snuggly brother shot--so sweet!!

Kathryn said...

Pic 1----Marissa keeps on reading through all the car craziness! Love it!

Natalie said...

I wish you were making those sandwiches for my dinner tonight. That sounds yummy!
You are doing such a good job of taking a picture a day. I've always thought it would be neat to do that, but usually fail by Jan 2.