Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 11-17

Not the best picture, but as this is a nightly occurrence I don't have the best lighting. ;o)  This is how Owen prays every night--scrunching up one eye, folding his hands over it, and then peeking with the other.  Some day I'm sure he'll outgrow it, but for now I needed to preserve this memory.
Jackson felt it a *bit* indecent and wanted a t-shirt.  He has really loved his mini season and it has been a joyous occasion for Josh and I to watch him really take to something and listen so well to his coach.
Isabella practicing--at some point I need to invest in a music stand for them, but for now we just use the piano. ;o)
A rosette necklace I worked on this week.  I got the idea here and then found a tutorial on how to roll rosettes here.  (I'm going to try to type up a few more details on these later this week if you're interested on making them yourself!).
Emmett's birthday morning (complete with some bed head).  Now usually the "present haul" consists of one present.  However, this year Emmett's sweet sisters both used some of their Awana money at the Awana store a few weeks prior to get him a present (Isabella got him a remote control truck and Marissa got him a "zhu zhu pet").  They kept them hidden and then had me wrap them the night before.  That was one of those moments when I melted a little bit and realized that they DO love each other even if that isn't adequately expressed on a daily basis . . .
Successfully demystified how to add cuffs to men's dress pants!  Josh had a wedding on Saturday (where they got to wear their own dress pants) however Josh was lacking in anything wedding worthy.  My husband isn't exactly the tallest guy in the world and any new pants purchase ALWAYS requires altering.  I brought my sewing machine to my in-laws and set up shop in their kitchen.  My father-in-law acted as an excellent consult. ;o)
In spite of the fact I hauled my camera to the wedding/reception I didn't manage to take it out once--trying to keep track of five children all afternoon/evening will do that. ;o)  But I did happen to take a picture of my mother-in-law's beautiful dining table set for spring--so very pretty!


Natalie said...

I heard about your cute necklace. Love it! Here's hoping my crafty daughter will make me one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the info on your necklace. I'm hoping a crafty granddaughter will make me one.
Jackson in his wrestling garb---melt my heart!
Love Linda's Spring table.
Great post, so nice to see you this weekend. Mimi

Kathryn said...

Well, it seems all the Hansen girls approve of your necklace. :) It was so cute with your outfit on Sunday.

I look forward to your weekly posts and loved seeing the glimpses on spring decor throughout your house! Jackson looks ready to go in his wrestling garb and I'm so glad he enjoyed the season. Owen's peeking prayer is *adorable* and I think Isabella might have one of the sweetest profiles ever!

Anna said...

I love these shots of your talented kiddos, the birthday boy and that gorgeous necklace! And that Spring table is so inviting, I adore the little nests.