Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy 5th Emmett!!!

It's hard to believe five years have passed since we welcomed a 6 lb 5 oz bundle of you into the world!
And what is even stranger--for awhile we considered letting you be the completion to our family, and if we had my baby would be turning five . . . goodness I don't think I could have been ready for that!!
This birthday has been long anticipated by you, "the talk of the town" for the last month or so.
You've given me at least a million different ideas of suitable birthday gifts, requests daily for chocolate cake (for breakfast . . .), and even announced last Sunday in church (in front of the whole congregation) that you would be turning five on Thursday.  I sure do hope this special day lives up to your expectations!!
You at five--

You continue to have *quite* the sweet tooth and I don't think you've ever met a treat that you weren't fast friends with. 
You continue to love animals, big and small.
You tell me daily what the "goldfinchies" are up to and with much giggling, inform me there are "woodpecker robins" in the yard (even though we both know there is no such thing).
Lately you have shown interest in being my kitchen help, particularly if the task involves whisking or getting to use the handheld mixer.

You love to build with Trio blocks and dabble a bit in Legos.  You go through drawing sprees turning out dozens of pictures of exhaust-streaming airplanes and race cars at a single sitting.  Rarely do I see a picture of something that resembles a human.
You know your letters and sounds and can write your name.  You have a slight interest in working on reading, but nothing has quite "clicked" yet.
Outside you are fond of water, dirt, and mud or any combination of those three. 
You weigh a solid 31.4 pounds. 
Considering there are some one year olds that probably weigh that much, we have to realize that's kind of on the small side. But truly, when push comes to shove (and it does when you're the 4th of 5) there's a solid streak of feisty running through you. ;o)  At least I can still easily throw you on my back and give you galloping piggy-back rides off to your nap.

You still nap!!  You can do that as long as you want! ;o)
You love band-aids. A day is automatically awesome when you acquire a wound that has drawn blood.  While ultimately you would rather be the bandaged one, if somebody else has need of "medical attention" you are equally delighted.
You love your Cubbies class.  You love going to the movies with Daddy.  Whenever you come home from either of these outings you are so excited that the words just tumble out incoherently when you try to tell me what happened.  It makes me laugh every time.
You are sweet but spicy and oh so impish.
We are so happy to be celebrating this special day with a very special you.
Happy birthday little buddy!

And because you were such a cooperative little guy to photograph, here's your favorite--
Because it's so much easier to get smiles from a boy you have promised a few "silly shots" to. ;o)
Love you!!


Mom said...

Happy birthday love and kisses to our animal loving grandson! Love from Granny and Papa Roy

Anna said...

Oh, happy birthday to this 5 YEAR OLD boy!! I LOVE this posting and all the cute Emmett-isms. Enjoy the special day!! :)

Kathryn said...

What a special little guy!! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating him.....and I hope he gets that chocolate cake today (if not for breakfast, maybe for lunch?) :)