Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 26-March 3

Sundays always get away from me . . . but I did like the late afternoon light falling across my (fake) eggs and illuminating my need to dust . . .
Dentist Day=New Toothbrushes
Marissa--the grown-up looking toothbrush in the middle-no cavities
Isabella--the Barbie one (of course)-no cavities
Jackson--the Batman one--his 1st cavity on a brand-new six year molar (which the dentist thought strange and wondered if something might have happened when that tooth was developing)
Emmett--Transformer toothbrush-no cavities
Owen--the pink/purple Littlest Pet Shop one (?) and *sigh* TWO CAVITIES! None of my kids have ever done that!  Isabella had her first cavity a year ago, and now Jackson has his first, but for Owen to already have two at age two . . . eek!  However, he was utterly adorable sitting in the big chair all by himself (wish I had a picture of that!).  And Josh and I? No cavities . . . Josh has NEVER had a cavity!  I was hoping all the kids would get his teeth . . .
My photo pages arrived and I immediately got to work on the 2011 album--SO MUCH FUN! In two afternoons I had all my pictures organized and put in the album.  Now I just have to go through and add journaling cards!
I totally got a kick out of Owen and his scholarly pose as he ponders Jackson's math book.  Not to be a broken record, but he is SUCH A COPY-CAT!! ;o)
An accomplishment I felt picture worthy--fitting three days worth of clothes for five children into ONE suitcase. 
The mall in Denver that housed an American Girl store as well as a Lego store, pleasing the masses.
Oh, is there a story to go with this picture, unfortunately that will have to wait for a free moment in the next few days so I can give it the space it so deserves. (Is that a teaser or what??) ;o)  Let's just say no vacation is complete without some sort of unforeseen adventure.  It was quite the way to finish off our week!


Mom said...

Love all the pictures! The one of Owen cracks me up. And of course, I know the details of the last picture, but I won't spoil it for the others!!! ;-)

Kathryn said...

Is that YOU sitting in your van on top of a tow truck!?!? OH NO!!!!! You look adorable and happy with your cute wave, like you're getting ready to take your van to a car show or something......somehow, I think there is a different twist to that story?! :{ I like how your mom adds to the suspense by throwing in her own little teaser! :)

Glad you emerged relatively unscathed from the dentist. Nathan has had cavities early on, too and it can be discouraging.

Anna said...

LOL on the last pic--love the big smile & wave. (And yes, I'm totally curious about the story behind that...hope it wasn't too painful) Glad you guys could have a little get-away, with all the fam's 200-some pearly whites in tip top shape for the vacay pics. :)