Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 29-February 4

The "boy table" at Taco Bell.   There was a slight argument as to who got to sit by Grandpa . . . finally decided by the fact Emmett got to sit next to him at church, therefore, Jackson and Owen would share him for lunch.
Another wacky day of January weather . . . picnic blanket, bare feet, a book to read in the sunshine, sure, why not?
I suppose when you hear "girl sleepover" you might think painting nails and doing hair.  Not these girls. ;o)  They spent the majority of the afternoon in the trees.  My girls were quite sad to have their friends leave, according to Marissa, life suddenly felt very boring.
I was amused to find Owen hunkered down behind a chair flipping through some world history.  His pants-less-ness was cleverly cropped out . . .
One of those times when Josh asks me "What are you taking a picture of?"  ;o)
  I saw this cool building in Minden (where we left Josh's vehicle and I picked him up after discovering school and the wrestling meet were cancelled and he determined he wanted to skip town with me).  I LOVED the moss growing on the shingled sides--kind of cool! ;o)
The only picture I happened to take that day . . . Owen playing with his "cutie" like they were two bumper cars.  The lighting is horrible, but hey, at least I haven't missed a day. ;o)

Josh's parents backyard Saturday afternoon! A gorgeous (and wet and heavy and deep!) snow.  Arapahoe had nowhere near this amount. It is amazing to think that at the beginning of the week we were out with no shoes and no coats!  That's kind of what I love about Nebraska. ;o)


Kathryn said...

What a week---from barefeet and wood exploring to snow! I was happy to see that no grandpas were injured in the disagreement at Taco Bell. :)

Anna said...

Yay for more pictures! I am loving the artsy shot of the building...and bumper fruit, tree climbing, and eating out with grampa...what a great week! :)