Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Girls' Room

 In honor of the room purge the girls and I did these these last two days and the fact I never got around to posting any pictures after we moved in I thought I'd do a tiny little tour of the space they call home. ;o)  If I'm being honest, I still have loose ends to tie up all over the place--lots of small projects that haven't met their completion.  But if I wait until the room is "done" I will never post any pictures.  What I do have--
~A bright blue paint that was a rushed decision at Walmart . . . The girls like it and it works fine with the colors but if I did it again (which I won't since we rent) I'd probably choose something a tad softer.
~The beginnings of an embroidery hoop fabric collection.  I kind of like how it looks like big polka dots on the wall, I'm planning on doing some more to fill up that space a bit better.

~The bunk bed with the $30 bedspreads I found at a store in Omaha that is like TJ Maxx but I can't remember the name.
~The fun pennant banner I was working on last summer

~A cozy little corner to stick the desk that was supposed to be mine but I had no room for in my room and the girls desperately wanted some sort of desk.  It works great.  The chair was a garage sale find a long time ago, and although the picture doesn't show it is literally falling to pieces.  I'll need to find something else shortly.

~Curtain-less window . . . I took down the awful old green "weave" that was up there and then have done nothing. We'll probably just stick some blinds on the window. I'd love to do a floor length yellow damask panel, but that wouldn't work here because that is the only wall to fit the dresser (and we wouldn't be able to close the panels). I thought of making them shorter, but then I don't want to put the effort into sewing something for here that most likely won't work in another house.

~Wall with the closet and other bookshelf. Most of the "kid book" collection resides in the girls' room because there is no room elsewhere for it.

And there you have it!  A fairly simple "cottagey/vintagey" girls room that my girls are quite fond of--it's a happy and cheerful little place.  And also for the moment, CLEAN. ;o)


Anna said...

What a colorful and happily-girly bedroom! And so inspiring...the banner tops it off nicely...and the fabric dots--YAY! :)

Kathryn said...

I love it all! Was the store in Omaha "Marshall's?"