Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things . . .

Just for fun, a few of my small splurges that make me happy--
Mentha Lip Shine--my dear friend Kathy introduced me to this and there has been no turning back! I'm not really a "lipstick" person but I love the shine and hint of color these little tubes have, plus the yummy peppermint flavor that keeps me licking it off once I put it on (think of it as the grown-up version of bubblegum lip gloss).  Bath and Bodyworks carries them (for cheaper than you would find on Amazon, but it is so easy to link things to Amazon).
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products . . . admittedly the priciest cleaning supplies you'll find down the Wal-mart aisle, however I ADORE the lavender smell.  It is the best lavender smelling cleaning product there is and just uncapping the bottle relaxes me!  Dare I say it makes scrubbing enjoyable? I only let myself get the all-purpose cleaner, and I use it on everything, from floors to counter-tops.  I think a 32 oz bottle is around $7-$8 at Wal-mart.  Yesterday I noticed Amazon had it for $6.12, but today it is $10.12.  Amazon is kind of tricky like that . . . I also noticed they have a "bulk buying" option, so I'll have to pay more attention to when they're running a good price.  If you don't like lavender scented things they also have "basil" or "lemon verbena" and a few others. 

Colorful pens . . . for no good reason except writing in color seems so cheerful! ;o)  A great way to get a big ol' set for cheap?  Go to Hobby Lobby and use a 40% off coupon--they have a lot of the same ones you would find at Target or wherever over in their art supply section.  I'm looking forward to using these for my Project Life scrapbooks:
And last but not least? 
Oh this stuff is dangerous . . . really I should never have it on hand.  I tried it on ice cream, I've stirred it into hot cocoa, I even made a "tiramisu styled" dessert that had it layered in between.  I've yet to find a way I DON'T like it.  But my favorite?  With a spoon, right out of the jar. ;o) (And as a side note I noticed Amazon sells an 11 lb tub imported from Italy  . . . I can only imagine what kind of situation I would be in if I had that on hand!!).

Happy Friday!! ;o)


Anna said...

Ooh these are great picks...I'm drooling over the nutella. And thanks to you I'm also in love with that yummy cleaner. (I'm waiting to use up my old all-purpose stuff, but for some reason I'm not going through it so fast...)

Kathryn said...

Yes, that lip-gloss is quite yummy! :) I can't bring myself to pay full price, so I always wait for Bath & Body to have their Jan. sale and pick it up for 50% off. This year, I even managed to score some for $1. I've seen the cleaner and never bought it, but now I think I might since you claim it makes scrubbing fun.

Brooke said...

Nutella! Try it on a hot, slightly crunchy waffle sometime. DIVINE. I'm also a fan of the lavender Mrs. Meyer but I can't say that I go through it as fast as I should. ;-)

bswilliams said...

Yum! Nutella! I stir about a tablespoon in oatmeal that is made with milk. It actually makes oatmeal enjoyable! I also just made an icing recipe using Nutella. Divine!!!!