Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 19-25

What Josh brought back for me after being gone four days for the state wrestling tournament--a nice little hunk of some caramel chocolate fudge.  Sometimes those small gestures are the most special, no?  He arrived home around 9:30 on the 18th . . . I'd like to tell you that being the self-disciplined person that I am it was much too late to devour fudge. But you know, after four days of being a single parent I will admit--without shame--I devoured a good 2/3 of it right then and there.  The remaining 1/3?  It made a nice little pre-breakfast treat the next morning . . .
You've already seen a form of this picture.  It was one of those evenings where I glance out the window, find my camera, and yell to Josh, "I'm leaving to try to get this sunset!" then flee out the door.  The light was too good to take it from my back stoop (and have yet another pic with a water tower).  Instead I got one with some sort of sign in it . . . I would love the picture to pieces if it weren't for that sign.
Spring has arrived!!  At least, that's what it looks like to me (we will just ignore the fact that it is still February).
My little guy dressing himself (tank top, shorts, mismatched shoes) so he can go to Awana with Daddy and the kids.  Oh, how he cried and cried to find he was being left behind with Mommy yet again.
I happened upon this line-up of happy erasers and it just made me smile (Jackson's handy-work).

What the kids did after being informed that we would be taking a mini-vacation to Denver next weekend.  We're officially going to celebrate the end of wrestling!
Oh, this picture . . . it might be my favorite!  So Josh arrives home from the IHCC men's retreat--I see his vehicle pull up and yell to the kids, "Daddy's home!"  Marissa comes running and leaps up on the couch--I think the plan was to land on the upper part of it and gaze happily out the window at the welcome sight of her daddy.  Somehow she managed to clear the back of the couch completely and go head-first right into the window!  I saw it happen, I heard the thud, I watched her crumple to the floor behind the couch.  I was a bit concerned.  Thankfully, no concussion. ;o)  Daddy was able to bend her glasses back into shape, and her eyebrow bone is a wee bit tender, but no permanent damage.
We had a  pretty good laugh.  Lately Marissa (poor girl) has been displaying a bit of my pubescent klutziness . . . To make her feel better I told her of the time I walked into a Mc.Donald's with my friends (I was probably 17 or 18!) and somehow managed to get my feet tripped up in my wide-legged jeans (I was going though a bit of a "retro" phase . . .) and I completely wiped out, sliding across the floor of Mc.Donald's right in front of the ordering counter.  I even left a skid-mark from my blue nail polish on the floor! My friends ran out laughing hysterically and I scraped up whatever dignity I could muster and hurriedly followed.  Thankfully, I've (mostly) outgrown that . . . But Marissa, I think she's just getting started . . . ;o)


Natalie said...

Your sunset photo is lovely. The colors are great! Do you have photoshop? I could tell you how to get rid of the sign if it is bugging you.
The eraser photo is really cute. :-)

Anna said...

LOL--these are all GREAT! I'm feeling the pain of the glasses bent out of shape (well, and the klutziness problem, come to think of it...since I'm a fellow klutz.) The erasers make me smile, and I'm very happy to hear of Josh's good gone-for-four-days chocolate etiquette.

WOW on the sunset! (Do you have PSE? You could totally clone it out...or send it to me, it'll take a few seconds!) Gorgeous photo.

Brooke said...

Fudge is meant to be eaten quickly... what if it were to go bad?!?! :-) Have fun in Colorado!

Kathryn said...

As mentioned in previous need Photoshop! :)

SO wise of you to eat the fudge quickly while the little people slept. Otherwise you may have had to resort to eating it in the bathroom (like I did with some Valentine chocolate) just so you didn't have to share!

As your weekly photo recap!

sarah j. said...

i love the sunset photo with the corn seed sign. it shows your in Nebraska. :)