Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 12-18

My sad Sunday afternoon reality.
My dishwasher was having draining issues beginning Friday, and Josh had two days of wrestling meets and no time to take a look at it.  I suppose I could have hand-washed everything . . .
In the end I waited for my hubby to have a few spare minutes--it was a quick fix--and I spent the beginning of the week trying to get a handle on the "dish situation."
Fun cards we made and mailed to friends (in between loads of dishes . . .). ;o)
The joys of a gravel driveway--just give it a bit of gas and hope for the best!
Some cheery looking lemons that make me feel happy after the mud. ;o)
Two heads of long blonde hair that I adore.
A gathering of some happy little things that rather serendipitously looked so nice together.


Anna said...

Ooh, I would click "dislike" on the first one--for your sake. :) And I could just squeal over the cuteness of those valentines! (Piggy = LOVE!) Great colors & composition on the lemons and sewing all your artsy shots, Janna! :)

sarah j. said...

i totally understand putting off the dishes and waiting for hubby to fix the dishwasher. a mommy has more precious things that demand her time. ;) and i love the teal trim in the last picture; where did you get it??