Monday, February 20, 2012

Feathery Friends

This morning I was informed several times that the Downy Woodpecker was back.  I rush to get my camera only to be told he has flown off again. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a picture of him (maybe her, because I see no red marking) for several weeks.  But our woodpecker friend has been too quick. And then finally:
(woodpecker on right, enjoying the suet)
And while I was snapping away, look who flew in and touched down for just a few seconds:
A male cardinal!!--and here I was just feeling sad we hadn't had one visit us all winter!
The woodpecker appears to be looking a him like "What are you doing??"
Anyway, it was a great morning for bird watching!  Our finch variety continue to be the most frequent visitors but we do so enjoy the surprises of new birds!  We've noticed the goldfinches' coloring is really starting to perk up--spring can't be all that far away! ;o)


Mom said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

Oh these are so cute! And love the 'facial expression' of the woodpecker towards the 'rude' cardinal. :) Looks like your feeder is a popular place.