Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Favorites

A few ideas from the "ghosts of Valentine's past" . . .
Look at the cute little Rissy and Bella with their little red bows still trying to hide the shorn-off bangs.
I believe we made these for Cubbies treats that evening and they were so fun--just use some food coloring to dye the marshmallow mixture before you dump in the Rice Krispies, cut out with a heart cookie cutter, and use some a red gel frosting tube to spell out some cute sayings.
Another tasty and pretty treat--we used pretzel "checkerboards" as our base and then a bag of "Hugs" and a bag of Valentine M&M's, melt in the oven (can't remember the heat, but not a high heat oven and not for too long, just watch them, but I do believe no longer than 10 minutes). I love the little stripes! ;o)
A Valentine mailbox making party!  The girls have been requesting doing this again this year.  I'm hoping to get organized shortly so that we can set up a "mail system" in our home for the first half of February, delivering little love notes to each other all the way leading up to V-Day.
Of course, a cookie decorating party--not sure there is a holiday we haven't done this for (although we don't hit every holiday every single year!). ;o)  My best cookie decorating tips--a cookie recipe that makes a nice crisp cookie (less breakage), gel food coloring for bright/vivid frosting colors, and lots and lots of holiday "sprinkles."  We also use plastic Wilton squeeze bottles for piping frosting.  In some ways they are easier for kids to use than a piping bag, but you do need to make sure the frosting is just soft enough to be squeezable, but then, not too soft.  We have had our share of clogs . . . and "exploding" bottles.  If attempting something like this definitely do the baking on one day and the decorating on a separate day--much more doable that way! ;o)
And then there's the Valentine's Day pinboard where I'm collecting some other ideas--feel free to browse. ;o)


Natalie said...

Cute and fun ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn said...

Hey, that's my big sis' comment above mine. :)

I will be checking out your Valentine pin board. I feel a little lacking in the creative dept right now and it would be fun to add a little "fun" to the school day. We're trudging through the winter slumps right now, I think.

And I have to chuckle at Marissa's "haircut." I didn't know you at the time, but I *distinctly* remember seeing Marissa on a Sunday morning and thinking....."oh no! I bet her mom didn't see that one coming!" :)

Anna said...

Ooh I love your board...and your Valentine Variety--especially the rice crispy hearts. (And the girls are so CUTE!) :)