Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plans and Projects

I have a soft spot for fresh starts . . . I love a brand new year, get giddy at the start of a school year, perhaps because it's always an opportunity to try again, to do better.  I'm always planning and dreaming, always aware that if you  "aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."  Or something like that.

So towards a new year. . .

because at the coercion suggestion of a friend I did it . . . officially signed up for Lincoln's half marathon. *gulp*  It's really the only reason I found myself pounding gravel at the brink of sunrise, my face utterly numb and devoid of feeling . . .  And really I DO like running, I just think I prefer the temp to not be any lower than 28 (ish) degrees.  Fifteen degrees=cold

with the camera, trying a "project 365" (ahem, 366, this year)  Should that fail, I did discover a simple form of scrapbooking, kind of a hybrid between a plain photo album and a scrapbook.  I have been planning (for ummmm several years now) to get into the whole digital scrapbooking arena, and it just hasn't happened.  I like this new idea because it's simple, and I can still use my own handwriting for journaling.  Intrigued?  Check out project life.  I've been stalking Amazon waiting for the products to get restocked. I'm hoping to do the basic black album, and I'm not sure yet if I'll do one of their paper packs or just pick my own. Pretty paper kind of ranks up there with pretty fabric, you know? ;o) I think I can handle slicing up some 4x6 and 3x4 rectangles. This just might be the year I start getting caught up (I haven't scrapbooked since Jackson was a baby!!).

making a list of books I want to get through (and checking which libraries have what I want, which books I may need to purchase), hoping to do a family read-aloud through all of Narnia, and trying a new approach that will hopefully lure Jackson to the written word . . .

to spend my Christmas money on new books or the 50 mm lens . . . books? . . . lens? . . . oh the dilemma ;o)

Josh to build me another bookshelf

okay, not really a word, but I'm going to get the girls going on some keyboard skills

each child a day of the (school) week, Marissa on Monday, Isabella on Tuesday, etc. (five children, five days, how perfect!) when I will spend some one-on-one time doing something they want to do.  And I'll pray, specifically and more in depth for that child on that day.

Any special plans on your agenda for the year??


Kathryn said...

You are inspiring and *encouraging* (already putting your "new" word into practice). :) Loved reading what you're up to and find your goals and ideas very inspirational! I put in a vote for the 50 mm lens--especially with your photo a day project---you will LOVE the creative flexibility it gives you with lighting and bokeh.

Natalie said...

I am Kathy's sister and found you via her blog. I am amazed at all you seem to accomplish with your kids!

I have to chime in and say the 50mm lens was the best investment I made when I started to get more serious about taking pictures. You won't be sorry.

Mike and Kirsten said...

All your goals sounds great! Great move on the may be painful at times but stick with it because it's so rewarding in the end!! Been meaning to get into that digital scrapbooking world too...I think my blog will have to be sufficient for now. Happy New Year!!!

Anna said...

Oh I'm so glad to get some inspiration from your blog today! :) I *LOVE* all these ideas--what a cool scrapbooking site. And I especially love that every child has a special day of the week...wishing you a fruitful year!! (And way to go on the marathoning--WOW!!)