Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My View

Last night I went to bed about 10:30, and a few minutes later Josh poked his head in the door and said, "Did you know there's snow on the ground?"  And sure enough, there was!  It's not much, but enough to cover the ground and cause the temperature to PLUMMET this morning.  Eyeing the bit of ground cover and a thermometer that read 1.6 degrees I decided to skip the morning run.
And so I watched a brilliantly bright sunrise from the confines of a cozy living room.
As the sun rose higher I noted that moving my couch in front of the window was really doing nothing to help our visibility . . .
Oh, it did open up the living room nicely.  But now instead of fingerprints that end at about four feet they go ALL THE WAY UP.  ;o)
Pristine or not, it's a lovely view all the same . . . one day the windows will stay clean and I'm quite certain I'll miss those little fingers (and from the looks of things noses and mouths!). 
For now, I'll just enjoy my present view.


Anna said...

LOL...very well said. My windows look similar! :) Love all that's so nice to have windows to enjoy God's artistry year-round.

Kari M. said...

I have windows and walls and mirrors and doors that all look like that...covered in prints! I don't really notice them until we are having company and then think ahead to the day when I won't have to clean them off and decide cleaning them off right now isn't that bad because I certainly am not ready to have a clean house that is empty all the time!!!!(-=