Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun at the Feeder

Lately, the activity has picked up at our feeder.  For the most part we see a lot of finches--I think a variety of house finches, purple finches, and maybe a cassin's finch--all three are kind of similar in look.  We also have been visited by gold finches, I was initially thrown off--it looked like a gold finch but wasn't nearly as yellow as the ones I had seen in the summer--but of course the birds would have duller shades in the winter!
(gold finch)
We've also been visited by some agile red squirrels. Even though the feeder isn't specifally for them, they're still quite entertaining to watch.  Today we had three--one on the feeder, two on the ground-- apparently the news has spread on the free food!
And I've been trying forever to get a picture of a white-breasted nuthatch that visits more sporadically.  However, he's a quick little guy, in and out in moments.  Today I managed to catch him mid-flight with a sunflower seed in beak!
(white-breasted nuthatch)

None of these pictures are that great in quality--I'm snapping through a window, and then having to crop in a bit--but it is still fun to have a record of our wildlife visits.  The feeder seems to be the busiest between 9-11 a.m, right when we are in the midst of  schoolwork.  The birds and squirrels are definitely an enjoyable interruption to our work!  It has yet to lose its novelty. ;o)


Anna said...

These are so much fun to look at! How did you ever get that nuthatch mid-flight? SO COOL...especially with the seed in his beak. This is such a good learning activity for kids, I'd like to do something similar at our place. Fun, fun. TFS.

Anonymous said...

I,too, find feeding the birds very entertaining, but squirrels are not my favorite critter. They eat all the bird food. Whatever happened to eating the acorns that they store for the winter? So, I invested in the cone shaped squirrel guard that goes on the shepherd's hook. That keeps them out of the feeders. I have lots of cardinals, finches, sparrows, nut hatch, blue jay, Downey heads, and once in awhile a northern flicker. Feeding birds, it's a good thing! Mimi