Saturday, December 10, 2011

Make-a-Memory Days 4-10

The weekly round-up:

On Sunday we created jingle bell necklaces and danced over and over to Mannheim Steamrollers "Deck the Halls" (I could only locate one necklace to photograph)
On Monday we made our embroidery hoop ornaments, hot-gluing ribbons and rick-rack to the fabric, Emmett opted out of this project, although I still have his ready to go should he change his mind.
On Tuesday, life happened.  Since I was heading to Kearney for the girls' lessons I thought I would get my Owen in to see the doctor because he didn't seem quite right.  The poor guy has lost both his ear tubes, had double ear infections, as well as broncheolitis.  We spent the afternoon running down antibiotic prescriptions and nebulizers and fun stuff like that.  Lots of "lovely" memories were made. ;o)
On Wednesday we made some Christmas cards.
On Thursday I let the kids take turns at helping me cut out cookies.  They each got exactly one turn and then I said, "Let's watch a movie and Mommy will finish up!" Some things are just easier accomplished in peace and quiet and without ten extra helping hands . . . *ahem*
Friday was cookie decorating day.  Now truth be told, I'd love to do the whole royal icing gig and have my cookies end up looking like this.  Instead we opt for flavor (as in butter cream frosting, which really has no recipe, butter, powdered sugar, whipping cream, vanilla/almond extract . . . beat it together until it resembles frosting) and kid-friendliness.  I cannot count how many times I was told on Friday that "This is always my favorite activity!"  There's no pressure for picture-perfect cookies that we can share with neighbors, if a knife gets licked or somebody sneezes, life will go on . . . it's all a laid-back environment.  We turned up the Mannheim and got busy.

Yes, there was a clothing change (and baths!) for certain boys as you will note in the "We're finished!" picture. ;o)
And today we finished off our week with gingerbread houses.

Silly Emmett snuck into my picture. ;o)
Gingerbread houses are frustrating little things, but we attempt them anyway.  They are mostly still standing. ;o)  We haven't quite finished all of our gingerbread day activities, still some books to read,  I made cut-out gingerbread men if we get around to frosting them and I baked some gingerbread muffins, but seeing as we have a gazillion cookies on hand the muffins are more just for me . . . so I can get my lemon curd fix . . . ;o)  I had some felt gingerbread projects I was working on, but I don't think I'll get to them today.  Perhaps I'll save them for "Gingerbread Day-Part Two" when we are back in Lincoln.  It looks like the kids and I will be heading back on the 16th for an extended stay.  Josh will join us briefly on the 18th and then he has to be back for wrestling practice for a few more days.  In the end, we figure it will be nice to have two vehicles for hauling presents (and perhaps some chairs Kathy!!) ;o) back home.


Kathryn said...

Looks like another great memory filled week for you all....sorry for the Tuesday "memories" though!! I love all the pics of the cookie decorating! I've yet to psych up for cut out cookies. I totally understand your need to pop in a video for your "helpers." :)

Anna said...

Oh bummer for the sickies hitting your little guy! But what a fun and colorfully crafty week you've had! Love all the pretty goodies you've made. :)

...and hope your buddy is feeling better soon!