Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make-a-Memory Days 11-16

I'm wrapping up the week a bit early. ;o)  We're skipping town tomorrow and I'm tying up my loose ends tonight.  For the most part I think our activities are coming to an end also.  I decided it would just be too hard to be doing daily crafts/projects when I'm not in my own house with access to all my stuff.  Instead we have other things lined up (like play dates and birthday parties) that should keep the kids busy.

So Sunday--we tuned into our Lincoln church's Christmas concert via the internet.  It left us all a bit sad and wistful, but I'm so thankful we were still able to "show up" even if it was in our own living room.  We made it festive with some sparkling grape juice to sip. ;o)

Monday--we read a book and talked about what it must have been like to be shepherds in the fields watching sheep and made these pictures:
Tuesday--read a book about the angels that announced the news to the shepherds and did these pictures (involved metallic paints in case the pictures don't show it).  I loved that Isabella included the biblical text on hers!
On Wednesday--we worked together to make these (and also worked on grace for the wide range of coloring skills represented among us . . .) ;o)

On Thursday--(tonight!!) We had a movie and popcorn night.  I had checked out "The Nativity Story" from the library back over Thanksgiving.  None of us had seen it before.  I can't say everything was portrayed accurately (mainly the wise men), but overall it gave me fresh eyes to see a story I've heard over and over and over.  I love when that happens!

On Friday--(tomorrow!!) The kids and I are leaving mid-morning for Kearney.  We have a few things to grab at Walmart, then the girls are making up this week's violin lesson, then Owen has a follow-up doctor appointment.  After that we are Lincoln bound!  I'm armed with lots of Christmas cd's, fun wintry/Christmas coloring pages, and these pre-packed snacks to tide them over, all done up festively for our little adventure:

Among other news I was completely surprised and delighted to have this delivered to my door today:
After admiring one my dear friend Kathy had made for herself, she surprised me with one for my own home.  I love it so much! (And what do you know, I have a similar shelf to place it on, so I have TOTALLY copied her look!) ;o)  I think she should go into business!
And I should also mention that the box the sign arrived in kept my kids entertained for a good portion of the afternoon--
Thanks again Kathy! ;o)
Josh is immersed in grading finals and has a crazy next few days ahead of him.  School's out tomorrow and all grades must be inputted.  Saturday he leaves crazy early for a wrestling meet (5:30 am!!) and won't get in until around 11:00 pm that evening.  Sunday he'll be joining us in Lincoln but he has to go back Monday so they can continue wrestling practice through the 22nd.  Then he has a full five days free and clear.  We're all looking forward to that!
As for me, I need to go put the finishing touches on my packing--each time it gets a bit easier, although there is SO MUCH to remember this time around (like all the Christmas presents!!).  At least if I forget something Josh can bring it for me!!  If I'm not back on my blog again before Christmas, I wish all of you a wonderful time celebrating our Savior's birth!


Anna said...

Look at all these Nativity pretties, and your festive snack packs--love it! And bless Kathy's heart for surprising you with a *PERFECT* piece of decor for your house.
Yay for more travels to Lincoln! See you soon I hope. :)

Kathryn said...

Love it all! So glad you could find a spot to put the sign and happy to know we have matching signs and shelves. :) Mark told me he had to use quite the bo and he wasn't kidding. haha! Glad to have provided some entertainment for your kiddos!