Saturday, December 3, 2011

Make-a-Memory Days 1-3

I realize that in the past I've daily blogged our activities for the month of December. This year I'm opting for a weekend round-up.   So, up first, and completely and totally unrelated to our Christmas activities, our blood model--
It was just too cool not to share a picture.  ;o)  We finished up a unit on blood in science, and using a mixture of corn syrup and candy variety we concocted this.  Even Josh was impressed (although he thought the platelets might have been better represented by a solid color candy sprinkle . . . but the rainbow ones do look pretty, right?). ;o)
After the riveting lesson on blood we rounded out the day with our mini canvas ornament paintings--
I think the first three are pretty self-explanatory.  Emmett's began as a red "Christmas airplane" and slowly evolved from there with layer (upon layer) of paint.  I like to think of the finished product as a VERY up close painting of a Christmas tree branch. ;o)  And Owen, well, he thoroughly enjoyed himself. ;o)
Day Two

Glitter Ball Ornaments--these were an improvisation (story of my life . . .). ;o) The Pledge floor wax that I was supposed to use I was unable to locate when I was in Kearney this past Tuesday.  And I kind of forgot about the fact if Kearney doesn't have it, there's no way Arapahoe would have it.  So, I pulled out some furniture polish that had "Pledge" on the label and squirted it in.  Then the glitter I *thought* I had purchased was absent-without-leave, causing me to use what glitter I had on hand.  It all seemed to work and we ended up with some ornaments that remind me of icy bubbles.  We hung them from the light fixture in the dining room.
Day Three
We awoke to SNOW!!!
Let me tell you, it is no small feat readying five children for an outside adventure!  Owen got his first snow experience--he didn't last as long as the others--but  it was a joy seeing him check out the cold, white world around him.  Marissa built the snowman all by herself and Jackson went off in search of the perfect arms.  He came and asked me for a carrot, I offered him the longest baby carrot I could find which he used with resignation.  I told him I had a frozen banana that would work, but of course that is just WRONG, not to mention bananas have a curve to them that carrots do not.  I was thinking a Gonzo-styled snowman?  He wasn't having it. ;o)
After coming in we set about to our having our "peppermint day."  We read our candy cane story, made minty red play-dough, and are still awaiting our afternoon snack of peppermint popcorn.  I have a fierce craving for the candy cane milk that Super Saver usually has and am wondering if I could recreate a knock-off recipe.  That is some good stuff! ;o)
We've begun our Jesse Tree readings.  This year in order to keep everyone at the table and (mostly) listening while I read I've been searching out coloring pages that go along with each day's devotion.  I started a Pinterest board of these pages if anyone is interested.  So far it has worked great at keeping antsy little boys at the table! ;o)   And sadly, I received an email yesterday that my little advent countdown would not be coming--they ran out. :o(  Looks like I'll be slapping together something this weekend . . . I'm definitely in need of something quick and easy!!
We've been enjoying cuddle sessions on the couch with our Christmas book collection and all of the winter and Christmas books we brought back from the Lincoln library (yes, I strategically plan my holds/renewals around our trips back to Lincoln!).  We always seem to read more once the weather gets colder, and what's not to love about that! ;o)  I'm especially enjoying all the books Owen brings to me, and it is never hard to find time to cuddle him up on my lap.  His absolute favorite right now?  Who is Coming to Our House?  (someone, someone said the mouse . . .) ;o)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Judi said...

So much going on....I am tired reading all about it. So glad the Lord has blessed you with boundless energy. And time for a nap for me! Love

Kathryn said...

Wonderful and inspiring to see all you've been up to! I love all the creations the kids have made and know it took planning and prep on your part to make it happen--being able to improvise is always a good thing, too! ;) Already looking forward to next weekend's wrap-up!

Anna said...

I'm having a lot of fun today catching up on your blog and looking at all these crafty pretties! And the blood model is amazing with the rainbow platelets. :) Yay for fun learning activities, I'm looking forward to seeing more of what else you have up your sleeve.