Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmases

A little picture round-up--
checking out the bounty
"the girls"
the dolls have been having a grand time . . .
packaging is always more fun
boys and cars
Says Josh, "We wanted to get you something special, but couldn't decide what, so we got you the whole world." (cracked me up) ;o)
everyone in their new jammies Christmas morning--in front of Grandma's tree
love those little footsies
the girl who wanted books (books, and more books)

And while we didn't keep up with our activity countdown, we were blessed to spend time with people.
The girls got to catch up with their bestest friends via play dates, sleepovers, and the like.
We enjoyed hanging out with cousins from both sides of the family.
The oldest four got to have a last day sleepover down at the farm enabling me to pack up all our stuff and Christmas bounty without interference (which may have totally saved my sanity!).  Can you believe I almost told my mom it wouldn't work because I was too tired to take the kids anywhere?  Thankfully Josh  talked some sense into me and offered to drive them out and pick them up himself.
We officially wore Marissa out . . . a feat we had yet to accomplish. ;o)
Coming back is always so hard . . . mainly because I always want to stay.
We truly had a wonderful time and are so thankful for the relationships we hold dear.
I hope all of your celebrating was equally as blessed.
Now, to wrap up this year . . .


Anna said...

Yay for new jammies! So cute. Looks like a fun time with cousins and friends...and glad you got a bit of a break in there too! :) Why is it that family "vacations" are over-time "work-cations" for the mamas? ;) So glad you could enjoy some time back...hope you have a very slow week planned with your bunch. Sending hugs! :)

Brooke said...

So enjoyed getting to hang out, thanks for fitting us into your busyness! Love the Christmas pics you did get and yes, I believe that not getting the ones we planned means we were too busy enjoying being Mommies.:)