Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrating the Season (around the house)

Fact:  In the fall I'm utterly obsessed with the pumpkin and would stick one on every horizontal surface if I could.  Once winter rolls around I must transfer my obsession to something else . . .
I love them nearly as much.  In fact, I love them so much I was incredibly delighted to discover would ship me humongous sugar pinecones for a pretty reasonable price.
I ordered seven (for a grand total of $21--shipped!).
It brings my collection of massive pinecones up to nine.
Plus all the spruce cones Josh gathered for me last year (that I painted and glittered).
The pinecone wreaths.
The pinecones hanging in my Christmas tree.
They're everywhere.
(Just wanted to warn you before I share Christmas decorating pictures and you wonder, "What is it with her and all those pinecones?")
However, I am quite pleased to announce that aside from the $21 I spent on pinecones EVERYTHING else I had on hand and reused and mixed it up to make it feel all new to me again.  It's always fun to get to decorate a new space for the first time!

The dining room hutch . . .
(pine cone wreaths from last year, "brown paper packages tied up with strings" from two years ago, and "JOY" letter popped into my picture frames from other hutch, paper medallions folded out of printed off old Christmas carols and toile paper, {pinecones--but you already knew that}) ;o)
Above the piano, chalkboard leaned against the wall (someday I--meaning Josh-- will put a frame around it) ;o)
(lyrics from "Oh Holy Night" written in a white chalk marker, old window box stuffed with old grapevine garland/Hobby Lobby garland, little Target trees, {pinecones})
Atop the dining room table
(Goodwill basket I painted, branches from my Christmas tree that I snipped off the back side where nobody would see with Josh's wire cutters--shh don't tell, ;o) {pinecones} and a little banner just 'cause banners make me happy and I love them nearly as much as pinecones)
The tree
(I borrowed my mother-in-law's galvanized wash tub to stick my tree in--LOVE that look!! The star may or may not be askew . . . but let's face it, a tree with mostly handmade ornaments decorated mostly by children aged 10 and under is not going to win any decorating awards) ;o)
(the small hutch with a more "wintry" feeling going on, everything up there will stay until it is time to decorate for spring)
A more complete view of our living room
The little black bench is home to our Fisher Price nativity (one of these years we'll get a real one for me!) and our collection of Christmas stories--kind of a "kid's corner."
The side of the living room that is not pictured--
I had to get creative with my wing back chairs, usually they both flank the tv, now they are hemming in the piano to make way for the Christmas tree in the corner.  I didn't know what I was going to do with out stockings, so this year I just strung some twine in the corner and clothes-pinned them on.  It did the trick.  It was either that or hang them over the tv, which just kind of seemed sad and pathetic.  ;o)
And that, for the most part, is it.  I did make a few more paper banners from colorful Christmas papers, hung here and there in the kitchen.  I have so many ideas I would like to get to (in the craft arena) but there is only so much time in day.  This week is really our last week to enjoy everything here since we'll be gone from home for so long over over Christmas, so we'll make the most of it. I do so love the happy glow of a Christmas tree to sit around in the dark of the mornings (and evenings too, for that matter!). 
Have a lovely week!!


sarah j. said...

very very cute! you've inspired me to do a little more winter decorating. :) (p.s. heard a great tip for "dusting" pinecones and wreaths, put them in a paper bag with epsom salt and shake like crazy, it will knock all the dust off.)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your Christmas tour and love all the decor. The nice thing about pinecones are that they can stay up ALL winter. They are one of my faves, too. Cute idea for the Christmas stockings. I'm also thinking that when the time comes to have a different nativity set, this one will be always the special one for you........I can just feel the Christmas love coming from your home. Hope to see you when you are in Lincoln. Christmas Blessings, Mimi

Brooke said...

LOVE your tree! Looks like it could be in a magazine. And I have 5 pinecone wreaths in my living/dining rooms...I seem to be suffering from the same addiction. ;)

Anna said...

Oh this is so lovely and festive! (And seriously, WHEN you do have time for all your homemade treasures?) Very beautiful, I love all of it...especially the creative stocking display! :)

Amy said...

Oh how I LOVE your primitive Christmas decor!!! :) And that hutch....BEAUTIFUL! You may have just inspired me to paint mine black! I LOVE IT!!!!