Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Weekend--in review

We're back after a nice long weekend visiting friends and family in Lincoln!
Hardly any pictures were taken, but as always, lots of good memories made.
The kids woke up bright and early Thanksgiving morning and as soon as it was light enough got busy in the pile of leaves that was awaiting them just outside the door.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving day with Josh's family and lots of tasty food.  His mom always sets her table so beautifully for each season/holiday--it's always fun to see what she has combined--
And the day after Thanksgiving we were celebrating with my side of the family.  My youngest brother offered to host this year.  I wish I had pictures of his house!!  He has spent the last several years (four, maybe five??) remodeling his home.  Truly when he got started on this project I wished he would just burn it down.  But room by room he stripped the house down to its bare studs and rebuilt it from that point.  He has done an AMAZING job! The inside is so bright and welcoming, and we all enjoyed eating, watching the game, and celebrating my mom's birthday there .  The kids spent most of their time outside, jumping bales, swinging on the tire swing, and cracking walnuts with a hammer. 
(Four goons performing on the bales) ;o)

And now we're back!  We picked up our Christmas tree on the way home at the Menards in Kearney (I always like a Fraser Fir and they have good prices).  Living on the edge, we hurriedly picked one that was already bundled up and tied her down tight to the top of the van.  And then we said a quick prayer that--
1. It would not fly off on the interstate and hit somebody behind us
2.  When we unwrapped it, most of the branches we expected it to have would be there.
And I'm happy to say our tree made the journey intact, and for sight-unseen it's not too shabby.
*deep sigh of relief*
Currently, my home is in varying states of Christmas decorating and unpacking-ness.  I've started my online Christmas shopping and have a feeling the mailman will hate me in a few short weeks.  I'm also planning out our daily December activities.  I find all of this hard to do when it is 62 degrees outside. Not that I'm complaining. I've been trying to keep up running as long as I can (I usually fall off the wagon once it gets chilly) and the weather definitely makes that more agreeable.
That's what we've been up to while the blog has been quiet. ;o) Now off to snuggle a little guy who didn't wake up from his nap well and figure out what I can rummage up for supper!


Anna said...

Fun pictures! The bale-jumping one is *SO* cute. :) And love all the details of your trip (I'm newly-impressed at your ability to pack your fam-of-7 for all these weekends back...after I had to pack, scatter, launder and unpack us for a week, whew!) I know your home will look lovely for glad you were able to enjoy some time back! :)

Kathryn said...

Great recap! *Love* the pictures of the cousins on the hay bales! One of my favorite childhood memories is playing with my cousins during the holiday season and I'm sure they will treasure these times as well!