Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Hodge Podge

A little recap of the week--
On Sunday we had our yearly Hansmeyer family reunion, fondly referred to as our "Fall Family Festival" although my kids enjoy calling it the "Hansmeyer Hoedown."  It is always great fun to catch up with aunts/uncles/cousins that for the most past only get seen once a year.  This year my parents hosted and a hay rack ride was included out at my brother's place.  There is a cool "trail" that was once a railroad track, but all the track has been removed.  It goes through the trees and over several bridges.  My dad stopped here, and while adults chatted the kids hopped off and climbed a hill and slid down.
I was so happy to have completed jean shopping the day before so we could get them all properly "broken in." ;o)
Monday we were back to regular life and back to the books . . . all while feeling pretty miserable with colds that seemed to hit the family simultaneously.  We were, however, quite delighted to discover the birds have finally found our feeder! 
I can't figure out what kind they are!  The birdies are kind of gray-ish brown and one (who I think might be the male) has a slight tinge of red on his head and belly.  Even a call to my dad who spent a good portion of his youth shooting birds and then taking his specimens over to the encyclopedia for identification couldn't help me out!  They've come back every day, sometimes even making several visits. 
And we are officially in full potty training mode!  After spending the last few weeks "nekkid" we made the jump to underwear this week--
I cannot tell you how this little boy has shocked me over and over again.  I had it pretty easy with my girls.  Jackson was a horrifying experience.  And Emmett was okay, probably fairly normal.  Owen has been the easiest all around!  He's not afraid to use strange bathrooms.  He climbs up on the potty all by himself without even the aid of a stool.  He'll sit there and yell, "I pooped!" (which all of my kids found to initially be a terrifying experience)  Of course, he does have six cheerleaders applauding all of his efforts. ;o)  Today he had only one accident, stayed dry for nap, and even spent an extended period playing outside without being hounded to go potty.  So, at home he is doing awesome!  I'm still a bit nervous to take this show on the road though . . . I'm not sure how to handle church this weekend.  I don't have any idea what he would do in the care of others.
My older three spent ALL afternoon playing in the dirt, working on this--
We have a rather boring yard, but we do have a line of trees, the border between our yard and a field.  All sorts of fun and adventure happens over there.  I'm thankful the kids have such an untamed place to use their imaginations (this is a "dust factory" in the event you wondered). They came inside for supper, thoroughly dirt-covered and rosy-cheeked with ravenous appetites.  I count that a day well spent. ;o)  And with it being November, who knows how many of these days we have left this year?  We did see a bit of snow showers yesterday, but nothing that stuck to the ground (much to all of our dismay). 
We're anticipating a weekend at home--I figured out we were gone a solid week in October!  There's a lot of "catching up" to do.  Slowly but surely, I'm making my way through the piles.  Although that dust factory really did nothing for the laundry situation . . . ;o)


Mom said...

Enjoying all the pictures.

Anna said...

Looks like a VERY productive dust factory! ;) So glad they could enjoy some outdoor adventures (for your sake too!)...and *WOW* for Owen--that's so great to be an official big boy. :) Praying for you guys--hope you have a great weekend, and time to rest a little too. :)