Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Christmas Picture Photo Shoot

Brace yourselves for a heavily "pictured" post. ;o)
I would have liked to have done pictures earlier in the fall season, but I was hoping to put a little thought into clothing choices and all, and quite frankly trying to get five kids to coordinate takes more than a little bit of effort.  I had a little suit that had once been Jackson's to hand down to Owen, and that left me finding four outfits to go with that.  In complete lazy mom fashion, I dressed the girls alike, and the other two boys alike.  And in case you didn't know, Arapahoe really lacks in clothing stores. ;o)  A lot of shopping is done online and then I wait (and wait) for things to arrive.  Thankfully, Saturday morning all clothing was finally in hand and the weather was gorgeous so we set out for this old abandoned home I had seen about ten miles north of Arapahoe. I had Josh with me, our "muse."  I asked him if he could please not make the kids laugh so much that I have wide open mouths in all the pictures.  He informed me beggars can't be choosers. ;o)  So, take a look at my group shots and then tell me which one you would enjoy seeing on a Christmas card!  (Which by the way I won yet another blog give-away for 25 free cards from Shutter-fly!! Can you believe it! I've never won anything in my life until blog give-aways came along!)
(Just what I was afraid of!)


And then I tried to get some individual shots of each of the kids (grandparents, let me know your favorites because you'll be getting some pictures for Christmas!!) ;o)


(I'm a bit swoony over the light in this one!)


And last, but not least . . .
(yeah, that's all I've got, maybe we'll retry him tomorrow . . . ) ;o)
I'm really enjoying my camera! I still barely know how to use it and wish I could take a class (but I'm not really interested in the commute involved in such an endeavor).  I try to read what I can, and copy others (the sincerest form of flattery you know). ;o)  After I look over a bunch of pictures I always see a million things I could do better . . . clipping off fingers, too much light, not enough, etc, etc, etc.  I'm pretty certain this will never be more than a hobby for me, but it is still fun to play around with.  I was really happy with the amount of usable pictures I ended up with this time around--most often photo shoots are abysmal failures.  Yay for (mostly) cooperative children!!
Now off to work on a photo order!!


Kris said...

My first pick is #3(I think it screams jubilance!), after that #4, but they are all FABULOUS! :)

Anna said...

Totally laughing at Owen's cute pout! :) And I love-love-LOVE all the ones of your beautiful kiddos. Especially the close-ups, your artistic eye is really capturing some good ones! ...I was swoony too over the beautifully-lit shots of your girls. :)

...and for the group ones, I like the 1st one (since I am a hinging-my-big-mouth-open-for-a-good-laugh kind of person), and the last one can't go wrong though--they are all good. (and YAY for a great camera--so fun to capture those sweet years of kids growing up).

Brooke said...

I like #3 as well- looks like pure joy. :) (And I'm probably even more fond of the one on facebook with Owen being odd-one-out.) They're all great!