Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Kids~Part Two

Continuing on from yesterday . . . a few things my girls have enjoyed (probably within the age range of 5-10 years old).
"Loops and Loom" you can find these all over!  My only suggestion when looking is to make sure your loom has a bit of a hook to the the top so the loops don't slip right off.  We had one like that and it was beyond frustrating. 
This is one of our favorite project books for kids.  Isabella will sit with it often and make stuff from it (all without help from me).  Pair this books with a package of needles, felt in a variety of colors, and perhaps a few colorful "fat quarters" and you've got a perfect gift for a crafty sort of girl.
This kit has been a lot of fun for my girls!  There are templates for different fairy heads, dresses, accessories, etc and you can pick and choose and then trace to create your own fairy.  There is a horse kit too (for the equestrian loving girl).  I linked it up to Amazon, however we purchased ours from either Hearth Song or Magic Cabin.  If you sign up for their emails they almost always have some sort of free or reduced shipping deals during this time of year.
I still haven't gotten around to reading them, but both my girls have LOVED these books.  We currently have the first four in the series, set when Betsy and her friends are girls, but the series goes on, all the way up until Betsy getting married.  From what I have gathered, they are books every girl should read!
If you have a girl who loves dolls (be them American Girl or not!) these little books/kits are adorable! They have incredibly creative ideas for making items for your dolls and Isabella has had so much fun creating all sorts of scenes and activities for her dolls.  It actually makes me want to play . . . ;o)

What's on the girls' wish lists this year?  For the most part books (which always does my heart good). ;o) Marissa wants books about writing and drawing as well as some new fiction stories.  Isabella wants more of those American Girl kits, a variety of crafting/sewing books, the final two stories to complete her "Little House on the Prairie" collection, and some doll clothes--we found that Amazon sells clothing to fit 18 inch dolls (much cheaper than the actual American Girl clothing).  Marissa is also pushing for her own laptop, because she say editing her stories in her notebooks is much too sloppy and time consuming.  I see her point, but unless we find a REALLY cheap one I'm thinking her own laptop might be a ways off. ;o)


Kris said...

I can see Caroline still being interested in the Sewing for Children book- I'll hafta look into that one. LOVE these ideas, too!

Brooke said...

I LOVED the Betsy-Tacy books...and what do you know, Betsy marries a "Joe". :) I second the amazon christmas shopping, so easy!