Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Kids~Part One

Lately my wheels have been turning as I attempt to compile wish lists for the kids this year (Amazon all the way!). ;o)  We keep our gift buying fairly simple and inexpensive.  Most times as I'm configuring lists I'm thinking ahead, "What do we need to survive these winter months without going crazy?" I thought I might share a few of our absolute favorites--perhaps no-brainer ideas--but something I think every household should have (especially if you have little boys, but my girls have enjoyed these things too).  I'm always on the look-out for toys considered "open-ended" where kids must use their imaginations to decide how to use them.

Trio Blocks--both Jackson and Emmett have loved these (going on two years now!).  They almost get played with daily.  We have collected several additional kits to go along with it.  And yes, these seem to work great for building weaponry of the gun-sort. ;o) This year I'm eyeing the "gears" set for Emmett. 
If you don't have a set of wooden blocks, you need one.  All of my kids play with these, in fact one of their favorite things to do together is build a zoo and put all the Fisher Price Little People animals that we have in their pens.  This set is really nice quality.
Jackson has been bitten by the Lego bug.  Yes, they are messy.  Yes, I step on them far too often. But also yes, they keep him busy, sometimes for HOURS.  Here is a good starter set and then you can purchase added kits to your heart's content. ;o)
Mr. Potato Head--enough said? ;o)  We have slowly grown a collection of parts, purchasing specialty kits from time to time.  It has long been one of Jackson's favorites and Owen is getting interested in decorating them now too.
These we do not own, but having watched my kids play with them at various children's museums and knowing how my mom used them in the after-school program she ran, I'm pretty certain we would enjoy them (they are a bit more on the pricey side though, particularly if you are going to get enough to build something super cool).
And last but not least, something my sister and I laugh about every year, thinking this just might be the best gift of all:
I'm thinking three rolls could get you a day of busy kids, so buy in multiple quantities. ;o)  My kids are constantly confiscating my tape and I'm always out because of it.  Get them their own!  What a great stocking stuffer. ;o)

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Kris said...

haha- AMEN on the tape. My mother always put that in our stockings each year when we were kids, so I agree you are right on target, Janna! Love these picks- timeless classics prove great even in the realm of toys. Thanks for sharing these!!