Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Carol Ornaments

Awhile back I found this ornament inspiration (via pinterest).  Being someone who loves printed word, I thought the ornaments perfect.  However, as I thought about recreating them I realized I wasn't capable of using just *any* printed word (a personality flaw--not to mention I was fresh out of vintage German book pages). ;o)  I didn't want an ornament with something on it that had nothing to do with Christmas.  I brainstormed a bit and landed upon a solution--Christmas carols!  And not just the words, but the music too!  I discovered this little site that seriously has hundreds of options--just scroll through the list.  I was looking for ones that had a particularly aged appearance.  I printed them out on regular old white printer paper.  And then with this cast of characters--

Created these--

I've only got these two done, but they are fairly simple.  I used my little paper trimmer to cut the music into strips--some I left long, some are shorter. I covered the ball in Modge Podge, smoothed my strips around--over-lapping willy-nilly--but saving the song title for very last so I could read it, a little more Modge Podge and then glittered and left to dry (hanging from my kitchen cabinet knobs).
And yippee!  A new favorite ornament! ;o)


Anna said...

Oh, WOW--these are just GORGEOUS Janna! And the sparkles just add a touch of perfection...these turned out so cute. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Kathryn said...

VERY neat and I love how you selected special hymns and placement of the words.