Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Activites--2011 (and a few other resources)

I'm putting the finishing touches on my list of activities for the year!  Some are repeats of previous years, some are new.  I usually try to do ornament activities toward the beginning of the month so we can enjoy them on our tree all of December.  This year we have a solid week of "nativity-inspired" activities.  I'm still working through the last week.  There is a possibility the kids and I will be back in Lincoln as early as the 17th (kind of depends on when Josh's Texas sister is able to get time off from work), and we thought rather than drive us all back and forth and back and forth again we would just set up house. ;o)  If that is the case you can assume I'll have some rather simple ideas planned (that will travel well!!).  I've included links where appropriate (if you're interested).

1. Mini Canvas Ornament Paintings, like these
2. Glitter Ball Ornaments, like these
3. Peppermint Day--involving the reading of The Legend of the Candy Cane, peppermint play-dough, and some minty treats, last year's here
4. Embroidery Hoop Ornaments, like these
5.  Make/Decorate Christmas Cards
6.  Jingle Bell Bracelets (or necklaces)
7. Christmas Ornament Collage/Painting, like these
8.  Cookie Baking Day
9. Cookie Decorating Extravaganza
10. Gingerbread Day--involving the reading of Jan Brett's "gingerbread books," decorating some gingerbread houses, perhaps some gingerbread men to decorate, or maybe we'll just make gingerbread muffins, last year's here
11. Craft a Toilet Paper Tube Nativity, printables found here
12. "Shepherd and Sheep" picture, read The Shepherd's Christmas Story
13.  Angel Picture, read A Glorious Angel Show
14.  Decorate a Wise Man's Gift, read 'Twas the Night (The Nativity Story)
15.  Make a Nativity Scene Picture, read Christ is Born
16. Family Movie Night, watch The Nativity Story
17.  Nativity Styled "Gingerbread" Scene, like this (or "drive back to Lincoln with Mommy!!") ;o)
18.  Nativity Muffin Tin Meal, last year's here
19.  Yet to be determined . . .
20.  Yet to be determined . . .
21.  Yet to be determined . . .
22. Celebrate Owen's 2nd Birthday!  I'm leaning towards a penguin theme . . .
23.  Christmas Lights Tour in our Pajamas (possibly Christmas on my side of the family)
24.  Christmas Eve Church Service, open gifts from Grandpa/Grandma
25.  "Happy Birthday Jesus" Breakfast Party, and open gifts from Daddy/Mommy

Among other Christmas ideas, this is our Christmas book for this year--

I have to say, I LOVE it!! I read through it quickly upon its arrival and by the time I finished I had  goosebumps!  Each page tells of how creation got ready for the birth of the Savior.  Being someone with a fondness for nature, I was just struck with that idea.  The last line read "Heaven's Son sleeping under the stars that he made. " Is that not an amazing thought to ponder?  This one comes highly recommended!

We'll also be tackling the Jesse Tree again.  In years past we have used Ann Voskamp's free one from her blog at A Holy Experience.  This year we'll be using this book--

After ordering it I discovered this ebook Truth in the Tinsel just came out, and I'm half tempted to get it too!!  I think it would be great for the younger set!  It's pretty inexpensive and you can head here to check that out.

I'm also awaiting this adorable little advent calendar from Family Christian Stores.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to make something like it, and when I saw this one (which I got for $15) I decided I probably couldn't make one for that (and it saved me a whole bunch of time too). ;o)  I figure I can slip the little paper that reveals our activity for the day in the pocket with the "softie" of the day.  It should also pack up well if we end up back in Lincoln for an extended stay.  All important things to consider!

Still in need of more ideas?  You can check my pinterest board! I'm always pinning more than I'll be able to accomplish, so help yourself! ;o)


Anna said...

Ooh, I'm LOVING all these links, Janna! The Nativity Advent calendar is SO cute...and the penguin birthday sounds fun. Always love your I can stalk them more easily on Pint. ;) ...and glad you got those books!

Kathryn said...

You are amazing! I always love to see all you accomplish on these special December days!