Monday, October 3, 2011

Tommy Dog

I had a late call tonight from my dad, one of those calls that you just have a feeling is going to be bad news.
Their big huge teddy bear of a dog "Tom Sawyer" but more affectionately known as "Tommy" was hit by a vehicle tonight.  One that didn't even bother to stop. :o(
They're pretty sure his death was instantaneous, so we are glad he didn't suffer.
I am so sad to have to tell my kids tomorrow morning--but glad we were down there playing with him just this past Saturday.
I know it is going to be hard on all of them, but especially my little animal lover Emmett.
He's loved Tommy from the beginning.

We've never had our own dog, but he was the closest one my kids have had.
I was laughing at Emmett on Saturday, just loving him all over, laying on him like a bed, and that dog just patiently sitting there.  I wish I had that last picture.
Be praying for their little hearts, I think we have a rough day ahead.


Kathryn said...

I'm *so* very, very sorry!! The pain of losing a furry friend is still so fresh in my own heart that I will **defintitely** remember to pray for you and your kiddos today!!! It's just amazing to me how attached we get to a dog.....they really do become part of the family! I'm so glad you had time this weekend with Tommy!!! Hugs to you all (and to your parents, too!!)

Anna said...

Oh, goodness--how did it go telling the kids? How very sad, what a beautiful dog--and sounds like a great personality he had. So sorry, praying that the kids are doing okay with things. *hugs*