Sunday, October 30, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Sock-Bun Curls

The girls and I have developed a new Saturday night routine this month,
first showers, and then I sit around with a pile of mismatched socks, rolling their hair and tying the socks in place.  They might look silly, and a bit rag-dollish--

But it produces the most awesome and long-lasting of curls--a huge plus when your hair is stick straight!

I do a tiny bit of touch-up here and there with a curling iron, but overall it is one of the LEAST labor intensive hairstyles we've tried.  It only takes about eight socks and five minutes!  They sleep on them, and then we do a little bit of fluffing and hair-spraying in the morning.  I remember my mom doing this to my sister and I (Lynsi has no recollection of this, but I'm pretty sure it happened). ;o) 
Anyway, just a fun idea for some pretty hair!


Mom said...

I love the curls. The girls look beautiful. Yes, I did do it with Lynsi also. I'll have to find a picture for you to post sometime!

Anna said...

What a fun idea--and your girls couldn't be cuter in their sock bun 'do & pj's. :) And love the curly pic too.