Friday, October 7, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Setting up a Bird Feeder

It has long been a goal of mine to have a bird feeding station.  We now have a great spot for one!
Our trip back to Lincoln this past weekend included a stop at Menards for:
A bird feeder (complete with a suet holder on each side)
A bag of black oil sunflower seeds
Two packages of suet
A shepherd's hook to hang the feeder on (with room for another at some point)

Josh and I left the parking lot rather giddy (I guess he's always wanted one too!).  And we laughed at ourselves because while we may be the last people on this planet to own a flat-screen television, an ipod, a bluray or whatever else it is we are lacking, we are QUITE thrilled to have acquired a bird feeder. ;o)
(Um, yes, my home really is THAT blue . . . it was tan when I first saw it and they said it needed a repainting.  I assumed it would be some sort of similar neutral shade.  I was quite surprised to see the blue on moving-in day. ;o)  They haven't started the trim yet.  I was thinking a nice creamy white might pull it all together, but I guess they're going with a dark blue . . . ?)

We are now on "bird watch" waiting and wishing and willing birds to find our feeder.  I think it will be so fun this winter to be doing school at our dining room table while watching our feathered friends feasting through the window!
A great book that is full of all kinds of wonderful ideas is this one:

It has ideas for making your own feeders, setting up feeding stations, what seeds to provide for certain birds, plants to add to your landscape, and much more.  I highly recommend it if you want to plan something similar for you own yard. 

Bring on the birdies!! ;o)


Mom said...

Looking forward to your stories and pictures about all the birds who'll stop by.

Anna said...

What a cute idea! And the 'stairstep' picture of all 5 of them--SO fun. :) Thanks for the book recommendation...and LOL at the paint job on the house!